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Monday, February 14, 2005

Osaka Hurricane 2005 results

Results from Osaka Pro's annual Osaka Hurricane show saw Super Dolfin (formerly Super Demekin/GOA) defeat Big Boss MA-G-MA to become the 10th OPro Champion in what should be a great bout.
The Kishiwada Gurentai faction were having a real bad night as they also lost the OPro tag titles to BKK & Perro.
Tsubasa made a successful return from a long injury teaming with NJPW Jr ace Jushin Liger to defeat Super Delfin & The Tiger (Ultimo Dragon!), with Tsubasa scoring a direct pinfall over Delfin!
This looked like a great looking show overall, pity wasn't PPV as the TV airing would probably be clipped down to a 2hr time slot like the 2003 edition.

Osaka Pro "OSAKA HURRICANE 2005", 2/13/05
Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium - 4096 fans

1. YUTAKA beat La Uchida in 6:51
2. Viewtiful Joe & Takaku Fuke beat Azteca & Densen Man in 10:36 when Fuke used a chicken-wing face lock on Densen Man
3. 2/3 Falls Handicap Match: Tigers Mask beat Histeria & Kendo Kobayashi (Kobayashi is a celebrity comedian)
- Histeria beat Tigers in 3:52 with the Histeria Special
- Tigers beat Histeria in 3:18
- Tigers beat Kobayashi in 1:49
4. MWF Jr. Heavyweight Title: Kabuto Daio Beetle beat Oriental in 17:18 with the Tequila Sunrise to become the new champion
5. World's No.1 Title: Kuishinbo Kamen beat Ebessan in 11:23 with the Kankuu Tornado
6. Tsubasa Return Match: Jushin Thunder Liger & Tsubasa beat Super Delfin & The Tiger in 14:32 when Tsubasa pinned Delfin with a Super Hurricanrana
7. Osaka Pro Tag Team Titles: Billy Ken Kid & Perro beat Daio QUALLT & Black Buffalo in 17:24 when BKK pinned QUALLT with a Firebird Splash to win the titles
8. Osaka Pro Singles Title: Super Dolfin beat Big Boss MA-G-MA in 16:47 with the Dolfin Magic to become the new champion


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