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Thursday, October 21, 2004

WWE Taboo Tuesday results and thoughts

Ok, I'll admit Taboo Tuesday was a descent PPV with some good matches and one surprising title change. I'd also like to thank ASTRO for completely cutting out the Christy/Carmella match. Yes, I'm being sarcastic on that last line.

Show kicks off with the seven participants in the Fulfill Your Fantasy Diva's Battle Royal for the Women's Championship coming out and Coach announces the results of the votes for the battle royal:
Nurse - 17%
French Maid -30%
School Girl - 53%

The Diva's then go to the back to get ready as Coach announces the results of the IC title match vote:
Shelton Benjamin - 37.48%
Batista - 20.11%
Coach - 7.01%
Christian - 6.69%
Rhyno - 5.77%
Maven - 4.23%
William Regal - 3.81%
The Hurricane - 3.77%
Tyson Tomko - 2.49%
Tajiri - 2.36%
Steven Richards - 2.24%
Val Venis - 1.69%
Rosey - 1.10 %
Chuck Palumbo - 0.68%
Rodney Mack - 0.58%
Isn't it interesting that COACH would actually pull in third in the polls???

Chris Jericho VS Shelton Benjamin - Intercontinental Title
This was a good opening match. Great back and forth action between a new-blood and a veteran. Benjamin would hit his dragon-whip spin kick for a near fall, as well as the top-rope flying clothesline for a near fall. Jericho would miss the Lionsault and almost get pinned when Benjamin countered a Walls of Jericho attempt into a roll-up. Finish saw Benjamin whip Jericho into the corner, and Jericho would try to sprinboard out but got caugth in Benjamin's T-bone slam giving Benjamin the win! NEW IC Champ!
Match Rating: ***
Post match, Jericho congratulates Benjamin and shakes his hand before leaving.

Backstage interview with the three World Title contenders, and the results of the vote are as follows:
Shawn Michaels - 39%
Edge - 33%
Chris Benoit - 28%
Edge storms off in anger, and Benoit congratulates HBK, who has a legitimate knee injury from RAW.

Trish Stratus VS Jazz VS Nidia VS Gail Kim VS Victoria VS Molly Holly VS Stacy Kiebler - WWE Women's Title
Rules are that the women can be thrown through the ropes (since most of them aren't tall enough to be thrown OVER) and both feet must hit the floor to be eliminated. Standard match with alot of quick eliminations. Nidia was first outsted when Gail ripped her top off, Victoria eliminated Jazz, Gail tried to hurricanrana Victoria out of the ring but Victoria held on and Gail herself was eliminated, Molly & Trish double team slingshoted Victoria to eliminate her, Molly knocked Stacy off the apron to eliminate her and Trish tossed out Molly from behind to win and retain her title.
Match Rating: **

Gene Snitzky VS Kane
Results for the match type votes:
Lead Pipe - 29.24%
Steel Chair - 29.93%
Chain - 40.84%
I thought this was a pretty fun brawl, but it went on just way too long for my liking. But I am surprised they actually let Snitzky beat the crap out of Kane, including jamming his head in a chair and stomping on it off the second rope, much like what Kane did to HBK a few months back, coughing up blood and all. The referee looks to stop the match and Snitzky walks off, but runs back in and pins Kane for the win!
Match Rating: **1/2
Post match, EMTs strap Kane to a gurney and wheel him out, but Snitzky shows up again and overturns the gurney!

Eugene VS Eric Bischoff
This was quick and useless. How come Eugene showed his rage here, but not against Snitzky??? Eugene wins with a Hulk Hogan-esque leg drop.
We are the given the results of the voting:
Shave Bald - 58.73%
Wear Dress - 20.77%
Be Servant - 20.50%
Coach tries to help Bisch weasal his way out of the stipulation, but Mr. McMahon shows up and forces Bisch to either get his hair cut, or he's FIRED. Bisch actually contemplates walking out, but Coach actually convinces him to go through with it. As Eugene hacks off the GM's hair, Vince forces Coach to strip and put on the dress as punishment for trying to help Bisch. McMahon then rips on Bisch for dying his hair when it's revealed his hair is all grey after being shaved off.

La Resistance VS Chris Benoit & Edge - World Tag Team Titles
Edge still frustrated over not being picked to face HHH walks out on Benoit halfway through the match, leaving the Rabid Wolverine to fend for himself, And he did just that! Benoit fought off both champions and German suplexed both of them before ejecting Grenier from the ring and tapping out Conway with the Crippler Crossface to win the tag team titles!
Match Rating: ***

Christy Hemme VS Carmella
Lingerie Pillow Fight 56.48%
Evening Gown Match 33.22%
Aerobics Challenge 10.30%
ASTRO cut out this match in the replay of the show. We paid for this event, and still they want to cut things out??? Anyways, from internet reports, this was short (about 1:30) and Christy won.

Triple H VS Shawn Michaels - World Heavyweight Championship
I'm guessing this would have been in the main event slot if not for HBK's legit knee injury, and give HBK ALOT of credit for putting on a gutsy performance when he could barely even stand! End of the match saw HBK hit Sweet Chin Music on HHH, but Batista distracted the referee and Edge came out of nowhere to Spear HBK, and HHH could barely crawl over to make the pin and retain the title.
Match Rating: ***

Results for the Orton/Flair match stipulation:
Steel Cage 68%
Falls Count Anywhere 20%
Submission Match 12%

Ric Flair VS Randy Orton - Cage Match
How cool is it to see Ric Flair in a PPV MAIN EVENT in this day and age? Simple: VERY COOL! And this was an excellent match to boot! Heck, give referee Earl Hebner some credit too for pulling Flair's trunks back up as I believe Flair could have easilly gone the rest of the match with them half down and his ass out! Flair used all his trademark dirty tricks including blatant low-blows and even pulled out the brass knucks that got him a near fall! Both men bled gushers, and Flair tried to escape the cage and almost did, but Orton managed to pull him back in and Flair pulled a chair in with him. Flair took a swing with chair and missed, leading to Orton hitting the RKO for the win!

Post match, Flair shook Orton's hand and both men embraced in a true passing of the torch moment. Now if only HHH would do the same...
Match Rating: ****

Overall: Like I said at the top, this was a pretty descent PPV with alot more good than bad. And for those of you who were wondering, Kane played up the injury bit cause he'll be away to Australia to film his upcoming movie,"Eye Scream Man".


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