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Thursday, October 07, 2004

WWE's mixed standards

I received word from my buddy TenzanTeam2K yesterday that Ric Flair got in trouble backstage at RAW with Vince McMahon because of the comments he made in his opening promo about deflowering virgins. McMahon was supposedly irate at Flair for making such remarks because he had sponsors and affiliates in attendance and was afraid they would react negatively to Flair's comments.

Personally, I think it's really STUPID. Why is Vince so concerned with what Flair said when they are currently running a dead baby storyline? Why isn't he mad at the writers who suggested Gene Snitzky bring a baby roller to the ring to rub it into Kane and Lita? If Vince was so embarrased by what Flair said, wouldn't he be sweating bullets whent the fans started chanting "baby killer"?

And lets not forget all the other stupid storylines they did in the past. The Lita/Kane sexual extortion angle? Al Wilson humped to death by Dawn Marie? Attempted murder when Big Show tossed Kurt Angle off the balcony? KATIE VICK anyone?!?!?

I get the feeling Vince just picked out Flair as a scapegoat to vent his frustrations, cause if I were a sponsor, I probably would have pulled out way before Flair made those comments on RAW. And I'm pretty sure some of those sponsors watch RAW and SmackDown! on a regular basis and not just when they attend live shows for evaluation of their investments.

Flair came close to being fired on the spot by Vince. In my view it would have been a blessing in disguise for him to finally leave with what dignity he has left. Here is a man who is a TRUE LEGEND in our sport, yet he's the Evolution job-boy and Triple H's lap dog. Heck, if anyone should be having rare matches on TV anymore, it should be Flair and not the Undertaker. Keep Flair out of the ring for some months, and when he finally puts the boots and robe on again, you can bet fans everywhere will be tuning in to watch. THAT would be a true special attraction.


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