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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Spoiling The Illusion

RAW was pretty good last night, and I don't really have much to complain about. Emphasis on "much"! So here we go!

Dusty Finish in the UK
Sure they explained why they did it, but I really hated that they gave William Regal & Eugene a tag title win in front of Regal's home crowd (which went nuts when he scored the win) only to yank it out from under them on the premise that Bischoff was watching backstage and made the call of Regal using the brass knucks. It's those double standards coming back to haunt WWE again.
I say WWE should have kept the titles on Regal & Eugene, then it would have been more shocking to have Bisch announce that THEY would defend the title against the two men not picked to face Triple H at Taboo Tuesday. Wouldn't that have been more punishing for Bisch to have Eugene wrestle his friends?
Another scenario they could have done was keeping the belts on them and leave the fans happy for one week, before dropping the titles back to La Resistance (which no one really cares about) next week on RAW.

Snitzky has a point
OK, I'll admit it was tasteless of Snitzky to mock Kane with the imaginary crying baby and saying the only thing that's dead is Kane's baby, but he actually made a valid point of Kane threatening his life therefore leaving him no choice but to be prepared and defend himself last week with the lead pipe attack! If someone said I was a dead man, especially a 7ft monster like Kane, you damn right I'd take some defensive precautions! And after Kane single handedly destroyed 4 guys on RAW, it just shows Snitzky has every right to protect himself with some kind of weapon.
And couldn't you just picture Vince with a big smile on his face when Snitzky said, "the only thing that's dead is your baby" after he mouthed off on Flair for talking about bleeding virgins last week?

This is how we make matches longer...
I'm really getting bored with WWE turning run-in finishes into tag matches, like what happened between Rhyno & Benoit with Christian & Tomko. While the end result is always a fun bout, It's just getting too redundant. There seems to be one of these almost everyweek either on RAW or SmackDown!.

Where's Simon Dean???
Why the heck is ASTRO cutting out the Simon Dean vignettes? Don't they know it'll just confuse the locals when he suddenly just pops out of nowhere? The point of these vignettes it to give the viewers some background on the wrestler before they make their debut. I can just tell alot of people will be asking what the heck the Simon System is when he starts preaching about it. Heck, I'M still wondering what the Simon System philosophy is since they never showed any of them here.

Additional Taboo Tuesday Prediction:
World Tag Team Titles
La Resistance VS either combination of Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit & Edge

- I'm guessing WWE is banking on Edge not getting picked for the title shot, which will leave him to tag with a face after his heelish tactics the past few weeks. If Edge is not the World Title match, then I expect him and whoever he teams with to become the new tag champs just so WWE can continue the disfunctional team angle with Edge going heel paired with a babyface.
And if by some twist of fate (aka the results are rigged) that Edge does make the main event slot next Tuesday, I'm banking on the tag champs retaining by getting disqualified or something.


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