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Saturday, October 09, 2004

WWE Taboo Tuesday PPV predictions

As of this moment, only 7 matches are cofirmed for Taboo Tuesday. I believe those are all the matches we'll see though, since I expect there to be alot of talking going on in between matches given they have to announce the stipulations voted for by the fans and such. There's still the possibility a tag title match could be added though.

World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H VS Chris Benoit OR Edge OR Shawn Michaels

- Hands down no matter who gets picked, you just know HHH will retain cause unlike Randy Orton, he will not bow down and have a 1 month reign. I expect HHH to hold on to the title before dropping it back to Orton at WrestleMania XXI.

WWE Intercontinental Title
Chris Jericho VS Batista OR Christian OR Chuck Palumbo OR Jonathan Coachman OR Maven OR Rhyno OR Robert Conway OR Rodney Mack OR Rosey OR Shelton Benjamin OR Steven Richards OR Sylvain Grenier OR Tyson Tomko OR Val Venis OR William Regal OR Yoshihiro Tajiri

- This past Monday I'm guessing WWE tried to steer the fans in the direction of either choosing Rhyno who cost Jericho the match against HHH, or Steven Richards who was first to attack Y2J on the outside. But if they are going for fan favourites, I'm guessing Shelton Benjamin would be the people's choice. Though I got the strong feeling Jericho will retain.

Sudmission, Steel Cage or Falls Count Anywhere Match
Randy Orton VS Ric Flair

- Interesting set of choices, but it's pretty obvious Orton will go over here. What they do with Flair to react to the loss on Monday should be pretty interesting.

Weapons Match: Leaf Pipe, Steel Chair or Steel Chain
Kane VS Gene Snitzky

- Expect Lita to get involved and backfire costing Kane the match. That's right everyone, the monster Kane is going back to scrolling down jobber street to put the next big guy over.

Loser either becomes winner's servent, wears a dress or gets his head shaved
Eric Bischoff VS Eugene

- The actual stipulations haven't been confirmed yet from what I heard, though I seriously don't expect Bischoff to lose. I'm sure somebody will help Bisch or he himself will find somekind of way to weasel himself a victory. The idea of Eugene getting his head shaved is interesting though, since he's already HAGE.

WWE Women's Title
Divas Battle Royal: Fans vote on what the Divas will wear

- The choices of what to expect the Divas to wear haven't been announced yet, though I'm guessing it'll all be skimpy from school-girl outfits to lingerie. The possibility here of someone like Nidia pulling off an upset to become Women's Champion like Gail Kim did the last time a Diva battle royal for the title was held is strong. Heck, with all the upsets she's pulled lately, I wouldn't be surprised if Stacy Kiebler pulled it off (Winning the match, not her clothes). But I'll say Trish retains cause she's been really good at her heel role lately.

Christy Hemme VS Carmella
- No stipulations announced for this one yet, though I doubt if there will be any. Despite the contestants, this will definately be anything BUT pretty since they have ZERO wrestling training or proper time to be trained. I am expecting Christy to surprise me though, as she definately has the energy to learn the ropes and at least do something. Christy is also my pick to win.


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