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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Pat Patterson resigns!

If this doesn't convince Vince McMahon what the main problem on RAW is, I guess nothing will. Pat Patterson had a huge falling out with Vince after surveying recent WWE house shows and coming to the conclusion that one of RAW's main problems is Triple H taking up so much air time. They had a big dispute which lead to Patterson, a long running and one of Vince's most trusted advisors, handing in his resignation with his last working day being at Taboo Tuesday next week.

So WHAT will eventually convince Vince that they need less Triple H and more new faces on RAW? It's pretty obvious the ratings are down regardless of whether or not HHH is champion or not. The Lita/Kane/Snitzky angle is sh*t from day one, and former champions like Benoit & Jericho are being reduced to curtain jerkers. Of all the champions on RAW in the past year, the ONLY consistant face in the world title scene is HHH. Every other former champion (Benoit, Jericho, Orton, etc.) is being brushed aside. Though it's obvious Orton will meet HHH at WrestleMania for the title, we'll be lucky if Jericho or Benoit EVER see the World Heavyweight Title around their waist again.


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