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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Spoiling The Illusion

I actually missed the beginning of RAW cause they were airing a much sought after Kenta Kobashi VS Bison Smith GHC heavyweight title match on the Z-Channel, and that one match was better than anything on RAW all night! Heck, when I changed the channel back to RAW after the match, they were still doing the damn opening in ring segment with (who else?) Triple H. And I noticed there was A LOT of talking on RAW last night, depsite the fact they were hyping the Taboo Tuesday PPV (the date of which is listed correctly in the ASTRO guide).

Your not the best if you tell someone to say your the best
Last week Flair called Triple H the greatest wrestler alive today, this week he corrects himself and says Triple H is the greatest wrestler of ALL TIME, and only Flair has the authority to make that call. It's true Flair should be qualified to make that call, but he made a rather lame choice, didn't he? And it's pretty obvious with HHH running things (literally), he can have (ie order) Flair to say whatever he wants to make himself (HHH) look good. And having HHH get the pin on Jericho even though they were setting up and Austin... er.. Orton run in proves it, screw job finish or not. He even took a shot a The Rock cause it's obvious HHH is no where near the level Rock is, popularity wise or ring work wise.
Heck, it wouldn't surprise me if next week he got Flair to proclaim HHH is a wrestling God. Triple H can call himself The Game and a 9-time champion all he wants, but until he accomplishes what Flair has done (H isn't even up to a fraction of Flair's accomplishments), He's never gonna get the respect and credibility of a true legend like Flair from the people that count the most: THE FANS.

Stone Cold Randy Orton
'Nuff said. It's obvious that's how WWE is building him up again trying to catch lightning in a bottle with a rehashed gimmick.

Kill a baby, Make a Wish
How ironic is it when WWE push the Snitzky killed Lita's baby angle, then air a piece on WWE receiving a celebrity award from the Make A Wish Foundation??? And how many of those kids will run in terror when Gene Snitzky is around?

No one to blame but yourself
Again I agree with Snitzky that it wasn't his fault what happened to Lita. Just remember Lita CHOSE to get in the ring to HELP Snitzky, an opponent HAND PICKED BY KANE, in a NO QUESTIONS ASKED, NO DQ MATCH given by ERIC BISCHOFF cause Bischoff already shceduled HBK, the man Kane ORIGINALLY TARGETED for something else. Take your pick from any of the above, EXCEPT Gene Snitzky.

What the Hell are JR & Lawler doing there?
I'm really getting SICK of hearing JR & Lawler ask what the hell (insert name here) is doing there on the show. In the first place, the person they always asks about works for the same company as them, so they have a right to be there. And secondly, it's pretty obvious they normally come out cause they have something to say, to make a save or even the odds in a brawl, or whatever. Don't treat it as if the guy just shot in from another planet or something.

You won $250,000... and the right to be Eugene's girlfriend.
God I hope that's not the direction Christy is being pushed in. You can look at it as Christy getting a push as playing a role to keep Eugene's character fresh, or punishment by WWE to us, the fans who voted her the winner, when WWE's choice in Carmella lost.
And again, why is it only now that Carmella is showing signs of some charisma and actual acting talent, when during the contest she showed less life than a cemetary?
And Christy VS Carmella at Taboo Tuesday? I love Christy, but this has Worst Match of the Year written all over it.


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