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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Spoiling The Illusion

The Gone and The Forgotten
- WWE did a nice gesture by playing a tribute screen to the late Ray Traylor who passed away last week. They then went in a tasteless direction by having Kane say that his baby may be dead, but he would not die alone. The problem here is that the arena that hosted RAW this week was the Kemper Arena is Kansas, the same place where Owen Hart fell to his death several years back. I'll admit that I myself wasn't aware of the venue's significance till my buddy TenzanTeam2K asked me to check out an editorial article over at PWInsider.com, where it was pointed out.
It was also being reported that the whole thing could have been avoided if not for a miscommunication problem where Lita was scheduled to be on the show, but NO ONE TOLD HER. So, last minute script re-writes was what caused it to happen. But it could also be unforgiveable that no one stepped up to mention that it was a bad idea to begin with since it's obvious no one wants to jeopardize their spot by speaking up against anything these days.

Seemed like a good idea at the time...
Last week I was big on Gene Snitzky being the guy to end the Lita/Kane pregnancy angle. But now it doesn't look good if the poor sap is gonna go through the rest of his career with the fans chanting "baby killer" at him since that is now what he's gonna be remembered for.
I thought it was interesting Snitzky is using CIMA's pumphandle emerald frosion as a finisher though.

Everyone BUT Orton, huh?
The Ric Flair/Randy Orton segment was probably one of the best in a long time. But I thought Flair looked kinda dumb saying "your not a Legend Killer till you beat Ric Flair!". What? Does this mean Shelton Benjamin, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, and a bunch of others can be considered legend killers since they've all gotten victories over him in the past few months???
And seriously, couldn't you just tell Flair would turn on Orton anyway at the end of the night? And after that great promo and Flair's attitude when confronted by Batista, I guess it means he CHOOSES to be Triple H's lap-dog and his legacy isn't as important as he would have us believe.
Oh yeah, way to go Flair for taking a potshot at Bret Hart in the arena where his brother died.

Was it really "real" to begin with?
So Christy Hemme won the Diva Search, and still Carmella gets a spot with RAW? I guess this answers the question on the legitimacy of the search. I am now convinced WWE thought that with a former Playboy Playmate of the Year in the contest that she would be the hands down winner, but when it didn't turn out that way they gave her a spot anyway and worked legit winner Christy into an angle/feud with her! God I hope they don't expect them to wrestle this soon in, cause there's no way either of them are ready. Heck, it was clearly stated even that the winner of the contest would NOT be required to be an active wrestler, yet Christy already had her first "match" this past week on RAW which our local censors cut out.
And why did Carmella only NOW decide to show some personality when she did her promo? And how she can claim to have more beauty, talent and personality is beyond me since Christy actually smoked the competition in all three categories since the dumb contest began!

The things people do to break into the big time
I didn't notice it, but the poor fool that got his hair cut by Eugene (more like had a chunk hacked off) was none other than former NWA:TNA wrestler Ace Steel! Hope the sacrifice was worth it. This sorta reminded me of all the dumb things Brian "Spanky" Kendrick did when he first joined WWE. And we all know we all know how he ended up!


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