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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

WWE Judgment Day thoughts

I thought Judgment Day was an OK PPV, but couldn't understand why most of the internet press didn't like it. According to them, RVD & Mysterio VS The Dudley Boys and the main event were the only two highpoints of the night.
I would agree those were two highpoints, but not the ONLY highpoints! How the heck they could look past and excellent John Cena/Rene Dupree match is beyond me. They called it a mere learning experiance for the two. EXCUSE ME? LEARNING EXPERIANCE? These two put on the best pure wrestling match of the night! By pure, I mean they didn't resort to a bunch of highspots or lots of blood loss to make the match good, just good old counters and chain wrestling. There's just no satisfying some people.
At least they were man enough to admit Guerrero and Bradshaw had a good match, which they did.


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