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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Spoiling the Illusion

Catching the replay of the show, I really enjoyed RAW this week and honestly didn't find much wrong with the show. But that's not to say that the show was perfect!
- I really wonder wether it bothers the wrestling Divas when they work so hard to establish their ring work, and then Jerry Lawler looks past all that and simply degrades them down to 'Puppy Fest'! It must really get under skin of some of them since they've advanced so far workrate wise to become one of the weekly highlights on RAW like the cruiserweight division is on SmackDown. The commentary is also usually at it's lowest point during these matches when Lawler simply couldn't care less how hard the Divas are working and simply sees them as sexual objects jumping about in the ring for his viewing pleasure.
- I should have mentioned this last week, but where's Mick Foley?!? I really hate it when the big names come back and have one match then disappears again, like what the Rock does every few months between movies. I mean, Mick Foley came out of retirement after four years, builds up one hell of a match that ultimately puts Randy Orton over, and then just disappears without saying good-bye or appologizing to the fans for not being able to beat Orton at Backlash? Or are they just saving it for when he returns as special guest referee for Orton's IC title match when he defends against either Edge or Shelton Benjamin later down the line?
- And speaking of Orton, am I the only one to notice the only legends he hasn't attacked yet that make regular WWE appearances are Moolah and Mae Young?
- Is Evolution truly dead now since none of their members came out to help each other when they were in trouble? Nobody even came out to help their leader Triple H after Tajiri blinded him with the mist! And is HHH so concerned about getting his World Title back that he could care less about Batista and Flair trying to get their Tag Titles back that he didn't even come out to help them like he did last week in Canada?
- And I guess since he's a tag champion now, the Edge/Orton program has been sidelined and Shelton Benjamin put in Edge's place?
- So Kane's idea of returning to his old ways as an unstoppable monster is by abusing and tormenting Lita? And how senile is Lita for immediately putting her trust in Matt Hardy after the way he backstabbed her months back? And won't this whole angle look really stupid if Lita actually aligns with Kane claiming it part of a plan to finally get revenge on Hardy?

TNA lost some loyal viewers due to their 'bait and switch' last week when they spent a considerable amount of time to hype and build the Road To The Cage with Jeff Jarrett and Chris Harris, only to yank the carpet out from under Harris on the biggest night of his career to put the belt around A.J. Styles. It was a slap in the face to fans who paid specifically to see Jarrett VS Harris. All the flak they got from the internet press for their actions are well deserved and Russo proved once and for all that Harris was 'not ready' for main event status. For those who missed it out of fear of being screwed out of their ten bucks again this week, the show wasn't all that good either.
- So after almost two months of building up Chris Harris into the main event picture, he now looks destined to go back to the tag leagues with James Storm to feud with Kid Kash and Dallas to possibly win the tag team titles again as a consolation prize for all his hard work up till now and not getting his big title match? Or will Harris turn heel on his partner to escape the tag leagues to feud with A.J. Styles for the world title? Cause God only knows how the only way anyone can advance in this day and age in the wrestling business is by going heel if their gonna win the title. And TNA hasn't really had a true babyface champion since Ron Killings seeing as how every champion they had has turned heel sooner or later.
- How dumb were D-Lo and Appolo to just leave the nightstick lying in the ring and leaving both their backs open to attack?

WWE SmackDown
- So Eddie Guerrero and John Bradshaw Leyfield are scheduled to have a world title bout in a few weeks, but for the past few weeks the two have had as little interaction as possible? Weird way to build up a PPV with Leyfield constantly doing vignettes about illegal immigrants and Guerrero feuding with the Dudley Boys (or is that The Dudley?) every week. I know Guerrero is helping to put over the Dudleys' heel turn, but wouldn't it be better to have Bradshaw actually wrestle on TV against their foreign talent like Funaki, Akio, Sakoda, Rey Mysterio etc. to build his 'All-American' character? Or are they trying to hide his limited wrestling ability?
- I'll admit I'm really curious to see who challenges Chavo next week for the cruiserweight title. I wouldn't be suprised if it was Paul London. But if whoever it is wins the title on the first shot, that would really be predictable and probably instantly kill off Chavo's heat.
- So how did Dupree win by DQ due to John Cena's interferance when minutes earlier GM Angle made it a no-DQ match? And can we really expect Dupree to win the US Title since he was jobbing left and right back on RAW? And if Dupree does win the title, wouldn't that again justify how much tougher RAW competition is compared to SmackDown?


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