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Friday, March 12, 2004

Spoiling The Illusion and WrestleManiaXX Predictions

- If HBK has more respect than anyone for Chris Benoit, Why the heck does he keep interupting Benoit's interviews? And in doing so, steal his spotlight?
- Does anyone really believe HHH fears wrestling two men? Heck, he defeated six men once in an Elimination Chamber. Shouldn't this be a cake-walk for him? After all, he is THE GAME and he is THAT darn good, isn't he? And does the size of Benoit's ego added to HBK's ego still equal far less than adding HHH's with HBK's?
- Mick Foley gets the beating of a lifetime, so he enlists the Rock to helphim out at WrestleManiaXX. So now, one week away from the biggest return match for both men, they completely drop all their intensity and focus just to help get Foley's smile back? Shouldn't they have come out looking for blood instead of laughs? I seriously think they should have saved the This Is Your Life segment for RAW after 'Mania. Or is it cause Rock will immediately be gone again after 'Mania?
WWE SmackDown
- Days away from 'Mania and Eddie Guerrero is still wrestling TV matches. When was the last time the RAW champion even wrestled on TV? And against a mid-card guy and made him look even credible? What? HHH squashed Spike Dudley the last time he wrestled on TV? Nuff said.
- Once again, WWE put the NON-WRESTLER over as the entire roster parted like the red-sea to let Austin through, and Brock Lesnar at the prime of his career has to get his ass kicked by the broken-down red-neck. Guess they have to make Brock's stock fall as much as they can before they let him go.

My current record for WWE PPV predictions is 10-1-2. The card for WrestleManiaXX has some highs and lows, as well as some all too predictable matches. Will I get that elusive perfect score for 'Mania? Probably not, but it'll still be interesting to see what suprises McMahon and company will have planned for this year's spectacle.

Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty VS The Bashams VS The APA VS The World's Greatest Tag Team - WWE Tag Team Titles
- I'll go with Haas & Benjamin mainly cause they ARE the greatest tag team on SmackDown.

Victoria VS Molly Holly - WWE Women's Title - Molly gets her head shaved if she loses
- I REALLY don't want to see Molly (or ANY Diva) get her head shaved. However, I still have to pick Victoria to retain here. I expect Molly to get a buzz-cut and not the full Austin treatment.

WWE Cruiserweight Open feat Chavo Guerrero Jr, Rey Mysterio, Ultimo Dragon, Tajiri, Akio, Funaki, Billy Kidman, Jamie Noble, Nunzio & Shannon Moore for the WWE Cruiserweight Title.
- I really want to see Ultimo Dragon win this, but despite all the hype Rey Rey's been getting, I still have to go with Chavo retaining against all odds AKA the Guerrero Lie, Cheat & Steal philosophy.

Rob Van Dam & Booker T VS Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade VS La Resistance VS The Dudley Boys - World Tag Team Titles
- I say Jindrak & Cade win, but no one will care.

Sable & Torrie Wilson VS Stacy Keibler & Miss Jackie - Playboy Evening Gown Match
- The RAW duo will win cause the actual Playboy models dare to show some skin and not just preach about it.

Christian VS Chris Jericho
- Jericho wins and finally gets the girl. Expect Edge to help Jericho get his revenge on the following RAW.

The Big Show VS John Cena - US Title
- Despite his injuries, Cena gets the big win on Show with the FU.

Mick Foley & The Rock VS Randy Orton, Dave Batista & Ric Flair
- Rock 'n' Sock win with Rock pinning Flair. Rock than dissappears for another year and Foley probably sticks around for one last singles match with Orton to settle the feud. Would be fun if they added Jimmy Snuka to some capacity.

The Undertaker VS Kane
- This match most probably will only be remembered for whatever entrance the Undertaker uses to the ring. Expect the return of Paul Bearer too. 'Taker wins with the Tombstone piledriver to maintain his undefeated WrestleMania streak. Worse that could happen is that this goes to a no-contest brawl.

Eddie Guerrero VS Kurt Angle
- Expect this one to be the true show-stopper. After a great match, Guerrero retains so this feud continues.

Bill Goldberg VS Brock Lesner - Special Referee Stone Cold Steve Austin
- Brock would have been the hands down winner in this one, but now with both Goldberg & Lesner leaving WWE after 'Mania. What is WWE going to do? Push the non-wrestling Austin of course, as he Stunners both men and this match is thrown out the window. I'm SERIOUS.

Triple H VS Shawn Michaels VS Chris Benoit - World Heavyweight Title
- Benoit wins the World Title over HBK just so HHH doesn't look weak compared to the smaller Benoit. Expect Benoit's reign to not go more than 2 months before HHH wins it back.

Other News and Notes
Brock's two year career comes to an end?

Probably the biggest shocker since the ROH situation, Brock Lesner is calling it quits with WWE! Many sources say the big man hasn't been happy with the WWE travel schedule he has to work (even after he bought his own private plane!) and is not looking forward to having to feud and job to the returning Dead-Man Undertaker. This can be viewed as being very egotistical as many superstars way down the hierarchy of Brock's position also have to do so with no complaint. Now Brock is looking to get into the NFL. All I can say is good luck, as American Football can be more physical and demanding than pro-wrestling, and any team he joins would have no tolerance for his ego trips.

The Dream Ends again for Tenzan
Kensuke Sasaki defeated Hiroyoshi Tenzan to become the 36th IWGP champion, scoring the win with his new Volcano Eruption finisher at 15:45. This could be marked as a dark day for NJPW as it once again shows no faith in Tenzan, opting to have the established super-tough Sasaki face Bob Sapp next. I know one person who really hates this decision.
On the same show, the gaijin tandem of Curry Man and American Dragon defeated Gedo & Jado for the IWGP Jr Tag Titles. At least some good came from the show.



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