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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

The Talk continues on RAW...

This week's edition of RAW just seemed to sail by and I found myself constantly switching back and forth from watching RAW to playing PS2 since nothing really kept my attention.

The opening match was probably the best match of the night. Then again, there weren't a whole lot of matches at all. A four-way elimination match for the Women's title as Molly defends against Lita, Victoria and Jazz. Less than a minute in, Lita nails a STIFF DDT that Jazz sells like she was RVD and gets eliminated! Molly nails the handspring back elbow on Victoria and a flipping neckbreaker on Lita, but Victoria does a BEAUTIFUL jacknife flip pin on Molly to eliminate her less than 2 minutes into the match! Molly freaks out and goes ballistic on Victoria as it takes a few referees to pull her off and escort her to the back. Match continues and Lita botched a move trying to escape Victoria's Samoan-drop/side slam combo. Looked like Lita was trying for an armbar or something. Lita recovers and hits the Twist of Fate for a 2. Lita escapes the Widow's Peak, and drops Victoria throat first on the ropes. Lita goes up top for the moonsault, but Victoria recovers and carries Lita out of the corner before dropping her in the Widow's Peak for the win!

NEW CHAMPION! Steven Richards runs in to celebrate with Victoria! Great match, but I thought they were saving the big title change for WrestleMania? Oh well. This match at least showed how much the title means to Molly and Victoria, and here's hoping we get a good feud out of this going into Mania.

Backstage, Christian tries to get a tag title match for himself and Y2J at WrestleMania from Bisch, but instead Bisch orders him to wrestle Trish Stratus tonight!

Next we get a descent match between Randy Orton and Val Venis. Wonder what Venus did to get himself back on RAW for one night? Orton wins with the RKO.

They show an old WCW clip from the Monday Night Wars DVD of Bisch challenging Vince to a match. Building up their match later tonight.

Evolution comes to the ring and HHH starts rambling endlessly bout how the odds are stacked against him at Mania and how he's the Game and how he's THAT damn good blah blah blah. Thankfully Benoit comes out an accuses HHH of being all talk talk talk (which is true since the last match he had was at the Royal Rumble!). HHH dares him to come in the ring, and Benoit does after grabbing a chair, but doesn't get a chance to use it as he's outnumbered and beaten down 'till HBK runs in for the save! They clear out the ring and suddenly Benoit locks HBK in the Crippler Crossface!!! Austin then comes in and orders the Benoit/Batista match to get started and everyone else is barred from ringside.

Benoit and Batista have an OK match here. Suprisingly Benoit is the one pulling off the power moves as he nails a release-German suplex and than the triple-German! Benoit misses the swan-dive headbutt, but flips out of Batista's powerbomb and manages to lock on the Crippler Crossface! Batista taps out for the first time in his WWE career!

Interesting stuff next as Austin gives Bisch a pep talk about how he shouldn't be afraid of Vince since he did carry WCW Nitro to 83 consecutive weeks beating RAW back in the day.

Rob Van Dam and Booker T beat La Resistance. This was a standard by the numbers match. I'm actually starting to get bored with RVD! Match ended with RVD pinning Rob Conway with the 5-Star frog splash. Conway wasn't the legal man. I really couldn't care much for this one.

Trish confronts Christian backstage about their match later on. Christian says he doesn't want to hurt Trish and would lie down for Trish if she would lie down for her later (wink wink). Before Trish could react, Christian pulls a 180 and says he's just kidding. Uh-huh.

We then get JR's "Shocking" interview with Mick Foley. I actually missed this segment cause I had to go out for a few minutes. But I heard Foley explained why no one came out to help him last week, which was because everyone lost respect for him when he walked out on his match with Orton last December (Good excuse!). From what I could tell, there really wasn't anything 'shocking' about this interview.

Next we get the Christian/Trish match. Christian lies down and Trish covers him. But Christian kicks out at two! Christian than gave Trish a pat on the butt and Trish started to get PO'd. Christian than gave Trish a SICK clothesline that Bradshaw would be proud of! He then locks on the Walls of Jericho and Trish taps out. Jerry Lawler was in full support of Christian's actions here. Shows that he really does only think of the Divas as sex objects.

Vince than comes down the isle for his big WrestleMania announcement and his match with Eric Bischoff. Before he can make his announcement, Stacy Kiebler & Ms. Jacky interupt and plead their case about the Sable/Torrie Playboy issue (Guess Hugh Heffner blew them off last week!). Vince makes Stacy/Jacky VS Torrie/Sable for WMXX in the first ever interpromotional evening gown match. Vince then asks them to show the live crowd a bit of what they got, and Stacy does a few cartwheels as Jacky dances seductively for Vince. Kane comes out and ruins the festivities. Kane complains to Vince that the Undertaker has been tormenting him day and night and wants it all to end (Did't he say last week that the 'Taker was dead dead dead?). Vince than orders Kane Vs The Undertaker at 'Mania which puts Kane at ease. He does his pyro and exits cleanly with no 'Taker interuptions this week. Vince finally gets to make his announcement that Goldberg VS Brock Lesner will NOT happen at WrestleMania! He gave the excuse that no referee could control those two in a match. This brings out Austin who asks for to be the referee for that match. Vince agrees and requests Austin also be the referee for his match with Bischoff now!

The following match between Bisch and Vince was what you'd expect it to be. Dud! Bisch was still made to be a coward despite showing lots of confidence earlier on. It also did't help that Super-Vince no sold what little offence Bisch had. The two brawl to the outside and suddenly Brock Lesner comes out of nowhere and F5's Austin!!! Show ends with Brock staring down the fallen rattlesnake.

Confirmed Matches for WrestleMania XX
Triple H VS Chris Benoit VS Shawn Michaels - World Title Match
Eddie Guerrero VS Kurt Angle - WWE Title Match
The Big Show VS John Cena - US Title Match
Bill Goldberg VS Brock Lesner - Special Referee Stone Cold Steve Austin
Stacy Kiebler & Ms. Jacky VS Sable & Torrie Wilson - Evening Gown Match

Joshi star to become WWE Diva?
Joshi puroresu superstar Ayako Hamada has renewed interest in joining the WWE. The daughter of Gran Hamada, Ayako tried to get into WWE 2 years ago after she left ARSION, but was rejected due to her age (She was only 21!). She just turned 23 this past saturday, and now wants to try her luck again in the American big leagues. Word of advice to Ayako if she does get a contract: If they ask you to go to OVW to work on your ring skills, or if they ask you play a T'n'A puppet to Vince McMahon, GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!



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