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Friday, February 20, 2004

Spoiling The Illusion Vol.4

I don't know what pissed me off more this week, WWE RAW or NWA:TNA. You guys be the judge:

- The obvious here is that one week later, Eric Bicshoff's lawyers still can't figure out that just because Shawn Michaels signed his name on Benoit's contract doesn't make it legal! And to settle the dispute they are now making the main event a triple threat match? COME ON! We can all see where this is going. Benoit gets made to look weak compared to HBK & HHH in the coming weeks, but finally wins the big one at 'Mania, by beating Michaels and not Helmsley. Funny thing is, by then the fans just don't seem to care that much and the following weeks on RAW, Benoit's crowd pops don't sound too exhilirating. Seeing this, McMahon decides they made a mistake putting the belt on Benoit and low and behold, HHH wins the belts back at the next PPV. Sound familiar? This is more or less the same cycle WWE has been using all year and I personally feel is all part HHH's brilliantly evil plan to be dominant.
- Note to the WWE, listen to your live audience cause their currently BOOING HBK for stealing Benoit's spotlight.
- Mick Foley. Everyones favorite loveable hardcore icon and friend to all. Suddenly he gets beat down by Evolution and NO ONE comes out to help?!? Not even SHERIFF AUSTIN? I guess the 3-man beat down doesn't break any of his laws. PWInsider.com was right when they said WWE missed a golden opportunity here to bring back the Rock to help out Foley in his time of need and suprise everyone. Now they might go the predictable route of having Foley announce Rock as some kind of a mystery partner.
- Someone tell Stacy Kiebler & Miss Jacky that to be on the cover of Playboy, requires that you pose NUDE in Playboy. This is all just a cheap dumb stunt that will result in somekind of cheap timewasting match between them and Sable & Torrie at WMXX. Which will of course ruin a good PPV the way the Miller-Cat Fight Girls did at WMXIX.

- I am just sick of Jeff Jarrett's powertrip angle. It's just ridiculous. Even Vince McMahon and during the McMahon-Helmsley era, they never stooped to such annoying lows. And now we're suppose to believe Vince Russo is a face? Not Me. Not anyone with any active braincells. This will probably just go on for a couple more months before they do the double turn AGAIN, making Jarrett face and Russo heel. It's this simple: The board of directors have all QUIT. That leaves Jarrett as the boss. This means eventhough Russo is the Director of Authority, he STILL works for Jarrett. Nuff said.
- And since when did Sandman's vendetta with the New Church become Terry Funk's vendetta? And what happen to Sandman this week? Since Sandman had such trouble finding Raven, and Funk did, couldn't Sandman have asked Funk where to find him?

Other Wretling News of the week
Life after WWE for Spanky!

Congratulations to the team of Low Ki and Leonardo Spanky (Brian Kendrick) as they won the NWA Light-Heavyweight Tag Team Championship, defeating the defending team of Dick Togo and Ikuto Hidaka at ZERO-ONE's tour opening show at Tokyo's Korakuen Hall on 2/19. See. Someone does aknowledge Spanky's talents!
On the same show, the long standing EMBLEM team of Masato Tanaka and Shinjiro Ohtani have appearantly split-up as the two had a big brawl following a match where they lost the NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Titles to Takao Omori and Shiro Koshinaka.

NOAH looking for new talent
This is not a joke. The following is all REAL!:
Pro-Wrestling NOAH is currently looking for interested applicants to apply for the 2005 session of their private school. For those interested to try their luck and apply, the qualifications needed are: at least a high school graduate and minimum height of 5ft11inch. For documentation, applicants need to submit details on their height, weight, sports history, resume and pictures (whole body and upper body). Proof of insurance is said to be a big plus (Couldn't agree more considering the way they train in Japan!). The deadline to submit entries is Feb 29th 2004. Potential candidates will be contacted by NOAH to undergo various physical exams and after the physical, the final results will be mailed to the applicants. Interested candidates can contact NOAH via phone: 03-3527-5311 (Japanese language only), Fax: 03-3527-5315 (English can be read), or mail them at:
Pro-Wrestling NOAH
1-3-25 Ariake
Kohtoh-ku, Tokyo
Be warned though, out of the last batch of applicants, NONE of them passed the final exams!
Thanks to www.puroresupower.com for the info.



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