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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

RAW buries Benoit

This week's edition of RAW was mostly downhill.

First we get HHH mouthing off wondering who his opponent for WrestleMania is, saying he didn't want a repeat of what was done at WrestleMania X when Yokuzuna had to defend the title twice in one night. Hey Game, if your 'that good', why should you care who your opponent is? Bisch comes out and says the lawyers are still debating who his opponent is (huh?), so offers HHH to defend the title against either HBK or Benoit. HHH takes neither. This brings out Benoit who tell HHH to shut up (like most of us would want to do) before beating the crap out of him and and locking on the Crossface before Evolution run in to help.

First match of the night sees the makeshift team of RVD and Booker T beat Flair & Batista for the Tag Team Titles. The excuse here was that Mick Foley ran in after Orton and Batsita went to help Oron, leaving Flair alone with Book & RVD. RVD 5-Star Frog Splashed Flair while he had Figure Four on Booker, who then covered him for the win.

Next, Kane beat Y2J by referee stop (never thought I'd say that in a WWE match!) when Kane continuelly attacked Jericho's injured leg. Post match Kane attacks Y2J some more, before proclaiming on the mic he killed the Undertaker and that he's not coming back (early nominee for the 'Can't Get The Hint' Award). As Kane goes back up the ramp, the lights go out and it starts raining on Kane! Spooky...

Hour 2 began with Orton calling out Foley for a 'non-sanctioned' match. It was just a brawl for most part. When Orton gets in over his head, Flair & Batista run in and the 3-on-1 beat down ensues. This just went on for WAY too long. Everytime you think it was over, they'd start beating Foley. Again, and again, and again....yawn. Is Foley such a legend and loveable guy backstage that NO ONE (even SHERRIFF AUSTIN) wouldn't come out to help? Guess it's not breaking the law...
Foley gets stretchered out.

Backstage Stacy and Jackie complain to Bisch about not being on the cover of Playboy. Bisch suggests they just call Hugh Heffner direct. Hopefully Hugh will explain to them that to be on the cover of Playboy, you have to pose NUDE IN PLAYBOY! Lingerie and tight outfits don't count.

Bisch brags to Austin about kicking Vince's ass during the monday night wars and we are then graced by Vince McMahons himself who says next week he'll make a big announcement, while in his wrestling gear in the ring, and calls on Bisch to see if he can kick his ass then.

Next we get the first true high point of the night in a good Women's tag match, as Trish Stratus teams with the VERY unlikely partner of VICTORIA, who was out of this world HOT tonight!

To say she was being cheeky is a BIG understatement! And their opponents were Molly & Jazz. But VICTORIA was dominant tonight! Scoring the pin on Molly following the Widow's Peak.

Post match, Test comes in disrupting Victoria and Steven's victory taking them both down, when suddenly Trish jumps on his back! Test slams her down, but before he could do anymore, Christian makes the save!
Backstage, Trish thanks Christian for the save, and Christian offers to go with Trish to the Hospital to check on Y2J. Christian then gives her the flowers Y2J wanted t give her. hmm...

Main event time and it's the much anticipated HBK vs Chris Benoit match! Unfortunately, this whole match was just so-so. The two just didn't seem to gel, and HBK looked a bit lazy as well. As Benoit has the advantage, HHH comes down the isle and distract him, giving HBK the chance to hit Sweet Chin Music for the win that buries Benoit's push. HHH then Pedigrees HBK since he couldn't defend himself. Austin then comes out and announces that at WrestleMania, HHH will defend the title against both Benoit and HBK in a Triple Threat Match. Big whoop to end the show.

Seriously. Tonights show was mostly thumbs down. The only good point for me was Victoria's outfit. Foley didn't get any promo time, and this is probably the first time that NON of the mid-card were featured ('cept maybe Steven Richards & Test)! You can bet I'll have alot to bitch about in my 'Spoiling the Illusion' column later this week.



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