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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

WWE No Way Out does the fans right!

Show starts with Torrie and Sable coming out to welcome the crowd to No Way Out before the opening intro began. At this point I was pretty sure to expect alot of these useless segments since the card only listed six matches (I didn't know about Rhyno/Holly since it was only announced on HEAT).

Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty VS The Bashams & Shaniqua - Handicap Tag Team Title Match
This was nothing special. Nothing they couldn't give away on free TV. Rikishi hits the Banzai Drop on Shaniqua's stomach (so as not to bust her implants?) to retain the tag belts.

Jamie Noble VS Nidia
Noble has to be blindfolded. This was mostly a comedy match with Nidia taking cheap shots and making fun of Noble. Noble lifts his hood for a split second to catch Nidia of the top and submit her with a front neck lock. Short and simple.

Charlie Haas & Sheldon Benjamin VS The APA
I thought this was a fun brawl. Bradshaw was selling his busted arm from SmackDown, yet manages to hit a killer fallaway slam from the middle rope. Bradshaw hits the Clothesline From Hell on Haas, but Benjamin was the legal man and he superkicked Bradshaw for the win. **

Bill Goldberg finally arrives and out comes Paul Heyman to warn 'Berg not to try anything or he'll be arrested. Then out comes Brock Lesner, who calls out Goldberg to meet him face to face instead of blindsiding him during the title match (good idea!). Goldberg steps in the ring as Heyman repeatedly warns him not to try anything. Distracted, Brock takes the opportunity to tackle 'Berg into the corner and shoulder tackle him several times before attempting an F5! But Goldberg escapes and Jackhammers Brock! Heyman screams for security who arrest Goldberg and escort him from the building. I was pretty sure this was the last we'd see of 'Berg for the night and This would be the sting to Brock that would help Eddie later.

Hardcore Holly VS Rhyno
Another fun brawl. Holly came out while Brock was still recovering in the ring and ran straight for Lesner who hightailed it right out of there! I was thinking Holly would do further damage to cost Brock the title later. Good mix of power moves and ground holds in this one. Rhyno Gores Holly right out of the ring, but he manages to make it back in before the 10 count and score the Alabama Slam for the sudden win. **

An Undertaker promo vid plays on the Titantron. 28 Days to go.

Chavo Guerrero Jr with Chavo Guerrero Sr VS Rey Mysterio with Jorge Paez - WWE Cruiserweight Title Match
This was an awesome contest reminiscent of the Title match they had back in the late days of WCW. I was pretty sure it would be an even contest when Jorge Paez KO'd Chavo Sr. for disrupting Rey's West Coast Pop, and the referee barred Jorge from the rest of the match. Very good back and forth contest, marred at the end when Chavo Sr. tripped Mysterio off the top allowing Chavo to get the win. They gave this match enough time to be real good. ***1/2

Kurt Angle VS Big Show VS John Cena - Wrestlemania No.1 Contenders Match
Ever notice whenever we put Angle and Big Show together in a 3-Way Dance, the results are always pretty good? This was no exception! Lots of good spots and near falls. Interesting spot when Angle tried to German suplex Show off the apron to the floor! Cena hits the FU on the massive Show. Show screams blue murder as Angle locks on the Ankle Lock! Show Chokeslams both his opponents! Lots of action! End of the match sees Big Show chop block Cena's bad knee as he tried to FU Angle, Angle then Olympic Slam Big Show out of the ring and Ankle Locks Cena, before turning it to the heel hold he used on Benoit in last year's Royal Rumble, to win the match and No.1 Contendership! Good paced match! ***

Brock Lesner VS Eddie Guerrero - WWE World Title Match
This match was off the charts! Great heat from the crowd throughout the match and were thouroughly behind Eddie. back and forth action as Eddie worked on Brock's knee and Brock worked on Eddie's ribs. I was well on the way to giving this match a 5-Star rating when suddenly 'sports entertainment' took over and the referee got bumped as Brock F5'd Eddie. Taking the opportunity, Brock went to get his title belt to smack Eddie with when Goldberg came out of nowhere and Speared him! This gave Eddie the chance to try to smack Brock with the belt, but Brock lifted Eddie for another F5! But Eddie counters it into a DDT onto the belt! Eddie hits the Frog Splash and the referee counts 3 to give Latino Heat the championship!!! ****3/4

The PPV was really flat until the 2nd half. I'm still suprised at the time they gave the 3 main events. Thirty minutes for a main event is a rare thing in the WWE these days. The only true complaint I have is that the two big title matches couldn't end clean. I could probably understand for Chavo since he's a heel, but I thought when Goldberg speared Brock earlier in the show that that would be the excuse Brock would have for losing. The run in and the use of the title belt at the end of the main event really ruined a true classic that would have garnered a 5-Star rating.

Yesterday I said New Japan did a great service for their fans by putting the IWGP title back on Tenzan. WWE may have done the same here. Now is only the matter of giving Benoit his just dues.



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