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Friday, March 05, 2004

Spoiling The Illusion: The 6th Stage

No RAW report this week due to my modem problems, So I'll just recap what I can here with a bunch of rhetorical questions.
- Why the heck would Vince's limo driver run away when all he could have done was run over Austin since he's driving a big limo, and Austin's on a small 4-wheeler?!? And doesn't Vince now have actual grounds to arrest Austin for threatening him?
- Am I the only one that doesn't want to see Molly lose her hair? Then again, the stipulation was 'if she doesn't win', not 'if she doesn't win the title'. But I bet that's all gonna change.
- I liked Johnny Blaze's debut segment with Bisch and Austin. This kid has CHARACTER and possible future written all over him!
- The fans just didn't give a damn for Jindrak & Cade. And if they win the tag titles at WMXX, people will just be scratching their heads. The time they should have won the titles was off the Dudleys, but instead Evolution had to get them, thus burying the momentum Jindrak & Cade had built up. I find it so wrong also that Hurricane is being shafted from Mania. Couldn't they come up with a battle royal or something so more superstars get on the card?
- Did Rico forget he was suppose to be gay?
- Nice to see their still getting some use out of old props as they burned the two Undertaker symbols.
- Didn't HBK hit the nail on the head when he accused Benoit of stealing his spot? Then again, HBK's not the guy that went through hell in the Royal Rumble only to have someone bud in on his title match. So who's REALLY stealing someone's spot here?
- Man, could Jericho move on that 'bad knee' or what?
- Was I the only one cheering when someone 'stole' Austin's 4WD? And was I the only one hoping Repo-Man was driving the truck?!?
- Where the hell did the Matt Hardy/Test tag team come from? And could Matt Hardy's jump to RAW be candidate for the 'Worse Career Decision' award?
- Did they conviniently leave the last 20-minutes of the show open if they didn't know Foley was gonna show up? I said it before and I'll say it again, WWE missed a golden opportunity to bring back The Rock when Evolution were beating him down two weeks ago. Guess they thought they could sell more seats if people knew he was coming. Wouldn't it have been even more fun if they made it a 6-man tag and also added Al Snow?!? Rock, Sock & Snow, Baby!!!

- How the hell did Ebessan and Kuishinbo Kamen end up representing Japan with NOSAWA in the X-Cup? I'm sort of thankful they didn't do their comedy routine as I'm sure most American fans aren't familiar with their comedy spots and probably wouldn't get it. The fact that the live crowd chanted ICP for them says it all.
- I predict one of three things happening when Chris Harris gets his title shot against Jarrett in a few weeks: 1) Jarrett wins because Harris is exhausted from all the "preperation" Russo is putting him through. 2) Harris gets attacked backstage, but somehow manages to make it to the match and win against all odds and where others at their peak (Raven, D-Lo, Styles) have failed, or 3) The Raven Effect will play a factor in the outcome of the match.
- And what happened to Lex Luger? Did he just show up last week and cost A.J. Styles his match for no reason whatsoever?!? Talk about lack of consistency.

WWE SmackDown
- Why the blue-hell was Sakoda and Paul London removed from the Cruiserweight Open? Isn't it suppose to be an OPEN Contest? Guess WWE forgot they needed someone to work HEAT and dark matches.
- Despite everything Brock is doing to get under Austin's skin, Am I the only one that sees Austin costing Goldberg the match at 'Mania, and then Stunnering Goldberg when he confronts Austin about it only to never be seen in WWE again?

Other News and Notes of the week
One Down, Two to go for Tenzan
IWGP Champion Hiroyoshi Tenzan made a successfull V1 defense of his title against Pancrase Mission's Minoru Suzuki on 2/29 with a diving headbutt that KO'd Suzuki (he had to be stretchered out). Next up, Tenzan defends against Kensuke Sasaki on 3/12, and should he get past the former 3-time champion, faces his biggest challenge to date and Makai Club's newest member, Bob Sapp on 3/28!
I do see it possible for Sapp to beat Tenzan (thanks heavilly to the cheating Makai faction), and then go on to defend the title against Josh Barnett. That would really be interesting!

Champion Carnival Participants
All Japan announced the 8 of the 10 participants for this year's Champion Carnival, which goes back to series form this year instead of the short tournaments of the past few years. The participants are: Keiji Mutoh, Toshiaki Kawada, Satoshi Kojima, Taiyo Kea, ARASHI, Nobutaka Araya, Jamal, X and X. The first X has already been confirmed as Takao Omori, who Keiji Mutoh formally invited after he beat Omori at Zero-One's Anniversary show on 2/29. This will mark Omori's return to All Japan since walking out with Misawa's group to form NOAH over 3 years ago. The 2nd X is rumoured to be Genichiro Tenryu. The final entrant will be the winner of the upcoming Hold Out Cup mid-card Champion Carnival.

Tomorrow is also the day Takeshi Rikioh gets his shot at Kenta Kobashi's GHC Heavyweight Title. Unfortunately, the outcome of this one looks all too predictable. And on Sunday, is The big Zero-One HUSTLE-2 show. Check back here for results of these shows.



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