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Monday, June 12, 2006


It’s the same set as last year’s PPV, but we have a new white ring mat wit a red ECW logo on it.

Paul Heyman comes out to thank the fans and announce the revival of the new Era of Extreme. THANK YOU PAUL E!

Sign in the crowd: If Cena wins, We RIOT!

Tazz VS Jerry “The King” Lawler
Tazz comes out to his old War Machine theme! King gets a “You suck d*ck” chant, and he goes over to the announce table and slaps Joey Styles! Kill him Tazz, PLEASE!
King stares off with Tazz, and Joey jumps on Lawler’s back! King slams Styles to the mat and sets him up for the piledriver, but Tazz clamps on the Tazmission from behind and Lawler gets choked out in seconds!
I was expecting at least 1 Tazplex, but hey, Tazz shut up the King the choked him out, and that’s good enough for me!

A quick look back at Big Show jumping to ECW at the WWE VS ECW Head to Head special.

Back to ringside, and Tazz joins Styles on commentary.

Randy Orton VS Kurt Angle
Orton comes out and Styles & Tazz remark at how out of place Orton looks since he’s a superstar, and he even gets his pyro! Good to hear the ECW fans actually accept Angle, and the Olympic Hero has a new remixed entrance theme too. About time.
Orton gets a “P*ssy” chant for sliding out of the ring to avoid Angle.
We than get a “Break his ankle” when Kurt tried for an early ankle lock, and “Angle’s gonna kill you” and a “F*ck you Orton” chant. I love this crowd!
Angle actually pulls off an MMA takedown and gets a full rear mount, and then tries a few MMA submission locks! Angle is just OWNING Orton here!
Orton finally gets some offense in after Kurt misses a corner charge. He works over Angle’s back, but gets a “You can’t wrestle” and “Orton swallows” chant! The fans unload a “Boring” chant at Orton for using a sleeper!
Angle finally comes back with a big German suplex after Orton misses a corner charge. They stagger to their feet and trade European uppercuts. Angle hits a running elbow to the back of Orton’s head and hits the triple-rolling German suplexes! Orton counters the Angle Slam into an armdrag and catches Angle with a dropkick. Orton tries for the neckbreaker, but Angle counters into a back suplex. Angle hits the Angle Slam but only gets a 2 count! Angle clamps on the ankle lock, but Orton is able to ram Angle into the corner and catch him in his neckbreaker for a 2 count. Orton tries for the RKO, but Kurt shoves him off.
Orton goes up top and Angle pops up and tries to suplex him, but Orton knocks him off and hits a big diving cross body, but Angle rolls through and gets a 2 count! Orton hits Angle with hard clothesline and goes for the RKO, but Angle quickly counters into the ankle lock and clamps on the grapevine in the center of the ring, and Orton has no choice but to tap! ECW’s Kurt Angle wins!
As good as Orton is, this match showed his limited ring ability. Heck, Carlito has showed more growth in his ring work and Orton’s been around longer than him! Still, a really good match. Referees help Orton from the ring as he gets a rousing “You tapped out” and “P*ssy” chant from the audience.

The FBI (Tony Mamaluke & Little Guido) with Big Guido VS Super Crazy & Tajiri
Crazy & Tajiri do the 3-2-1 Hustle! pose in their intro!
Honestly, I haven’t seen a WWE tag team match that was as good as this one match ALL YEAR. The WWE bookers really need to take a good long look at this match and learn how to book tag team wrestling! Just a whole lot of awesomeness in this one from start to finish, and a rather surprising ending where the FBI manage to squeeze out a win pinning Tajiri with a double-team fisherman’s buster after getting dominated by Crazy & Tajiri throughout the match.

Big Show comes out after the match and cleans house on everyone! He even does a new cobra-clutch backbreaker move! I foresee a short Big Show/Big Guido feud coming up.

John “Bradshaw” Leyfield comes out in the rafters where the anti-ECW team were sitting last year. He shoots on the Blue Meanie incident from last year, and announces that since Tazz is jumping to ECW, that JBL is now the voice of Smackdown! Taz says he can have the job.

World Championship: Sabu VS Rey Mysterio
Notice they sort of stopped calling it the World HEAVYWEIGHT Championship?
We get the first “Holy Sh*t” chant of the night in this one when Mysterio gave Sabu a seated senton through a table on the outside, and Sabu may have hurt himself since referee Nick Patrick put up the “X” signal for injury and Sabu was clutching his right arm. But Sabu continues on and seems to be able to work through it since he dominated most of the match, including a SICK triple jump DDT out of the ring through a table! The trainers come out to check on both Sabu & Mysterio, and some Pee Wee Herman type person tells them to end the match?!? This gets a big “Bullsh*t” chant from the crowd, and rightfully so since it was getting really good. Hey, Mysterio has been jobbing left and right all over the place, why not lose here as well?!?

Mick Foley & Edge with Lita VS Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer with Beaulah
Foley takes a shot at the ECW fans when he said he preferred ECW when it was run by Stephanie McMahon! Long live the Alliance! Edge bad mouths the fans, and Lita bad mouths Dreamer & Beaulah. The face team comes out next, and Beaulah challenges Lita, making the match now a 6-person tag!
This one quickly broke down to a garbage match with weapons and brawling everywhere. Dreamer manages to counter a spear and hiptoss Edge onto a ladder. Funk takes a big bump when he climbs up the ladder and try for a moonsault, but Edge knocks the ladder over. Dreamer tries for the Spicoli Driver on Edge, but Lita kicks him low. Edge & Foley than get a barb-wire board out from under the ring! They drop the whole darn thing on top of Dreamer! They try for it again, but Funk trips them up and the board falls on top of them!
Dreamer sets up the board in the corner as the fans chant “We want FIRE”! Dreamer & Funk send Foley into the board, but he puts the breaks on, so Funk & Dreamer beat him some more to send him into it! Edge grabs Dreamer out of the ring, and Foley drops the barb-wire board on Funk before asking for a roll of barb wire Lita gets from under the ring and wraps it around his hand and lays a few shots into Funk, bloodying him up! Foley than rakes the wire on Funk’s face! We might have another injury as Funk complains about his eye and medics remove him from the match. Foley grabs a barb-wire baseball bat and whacks Dreamer with it. They set the bat between his legs and Lita leg drops it on his groin! Foley pulls out Mr. Sockl and puts the mandible claw on Beaulah! Dreamer jumps Foley, but gets outnumbered as Foley puts the claw on him and Edge spears him.
Edge than grabs Lita, but before they can do anything, Terry Funk makes his way back to the ring, all bandaged up and carrying a barb-wire 2X4! Dreamer gives both Edge & Foley low blows while they are distracted, and Funk whacks them with the 2X4 before setting it on FIRE and giving Foley a shot to the back that sets his shirt on fire! Funk gives Foley one more shot that sends him out of the ring and through the barb-wire board! Edge than spears Funk off the apron and he falls on Foley!
Dreamer gives Edge the DDT, followed by a crossface with barb-wire across Edge’s face! Lita makes the save, but Beaulah tackles Lita and we have a CAT FIGHT! Dreamer gives Lita the Spicolli Driver, but Edge gives him an Edge-O-Matic with the barb-wire across the face! Edge than spears Beaulah when she checks on Dreamer and pins her for the win!
Now this was a really SICK hardcore match!

Balls Mahoney VS Masato Tanaka
Balls gained back his weight and looks like the Balls of old.
These two put on a great back and forth match which ended with one the SICKEST chair shots I’ve ever seen! Balls completed obliterated that chair over Tanaka’s head to get the surprisingly quick win!
Interesting that they would fly out Japan all the way from Japan for such a short match, and we still have plenty of time left on the PPV.

Looks like I spoke too soon as EUGENE comes out. He tries to put himself over as a ECW fan but gets booed. He starts reading a poem and I’m wishing for someone to come out and kill him already.
Well, out comes the SANDMAN! But NOT to Enter Sandman, which doesn’t get the big fan reaction you’d expect since the fans didn’t know it was him coming out till they saw him. Sandman has an EVIL look on his face as Eugene looks for a hug, but gets caned instead! Sandman canes him around the ring and Eugene gets on his knees and Sandman asks him to BEG! The whole crowd chants “Beg” and Eugene does but gets caned anyway as Sandman canes him all the way to the back! He comes out and has a few more beers before disappearing to the back again.
Seriously, they should have used Enter Sandman, just for tonight.

WWE Championship: Rob Van Dam VS John Cena
Cena threw his hat and shirt to the audience and they throw it right back at him! The fans even start to TP the ring lay into him with a “You can’t wrestle” chant. Heck, they give him a “Same old sh*t” chant when he does wrestle, so he goes up top and hits a diving axe handle!
Wanna know how much these fans REALLY hate Cena? At the end of the match, EDGE comes out and spears Cena through a table in the corner, and the crowd chants “Thank you Edge”! RVD hits the 5-Star Frog Splash, and PAUL HEYMAN comes out to make the 3 count since both referees got bumped, and Paul calls for the bell awarding RVD the WWE Title, now re-named the ECW World Title! Interesting finish to what was really a very strong back and forth match, but it protects Cena I guess since he’s hasn’t lost a match fair and square yet.

RVD instantly goes out into the crowd to celebrate with his wife before making his way back to the ring to celebrate with the ECW locker room. Some guys I noticed didn’t even make it onto the show like Danny Doring, Mikey Whipwreck (who was supposed to accompany Super Crazy & Tajiri earlier, but didn’t), and Fonzie!

Overall: Much like last year’s PPV, a definite contender for PPV of the year thanks to the really hot & rabid crowd as well as all the good ring work through out the night. If they continue booking shows like this, ECW will definitely be a success, and Vince probably won’t mind if as long as it makes him money.



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