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Thursday, June 08, 2006

RIP John Tenta

John "Earthquake" Tenta, 1964 - 2006
Big John Tenta, who most wrestling fans remember as Earthquake in WWF/E, passed away this morning after a long battle with bladder cancer. He was just 42.
There have been a lot of big men in wrestling, and Tenta definately had to be rated up there as one of the best of them. He had size, power and surprisingly could move very well in the ring. The highlight of his wrestling career was easilly his feud with Hulk Hogan in the mid-90s, as well as being part of one of the most shocking moments I could remember when he squashed Damien, Jake "the Snake" Roberts' prized Python companion. He was awesome in the monster heel role he played in WWE during that time and when he became a babyface with Typhoon as the Natural Disasters, the fans instantly accepted him.
He never found the same fame in his career as his initial WWF/E run though. Going through bizarre gimmicks in WCW, and a short stint as the lovable Golga as part of the Oddities group in WWF/E later. He re-established himself a bit thanks to a short run in All Japan Pro-Wrestling before having to hang up the boots to deal with his cancer problems which were much publicized thanks to the big man himself who would show up on message boards to update the fans on his condition, hoping that he could one day get back in the ring. It was not to be unfortunately.
So here's to the Earthquake, hopefully rumbling it up with Yokozuna up there in the heavens. God bless and rest in peace.



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