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Monday, May 15, 2006

TNA SACRIFICE 5/14/06 PPV Results

No pre-show on the replay I’m watching, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing in my book.

World X-Cup Match: Jushin Thunder Liger VS Petey Williams
Black heel Liger VS the biggest heel in the X-Division. This should be interesting.
CTU actually get booed for beating up Williams on the outside after all the times Team Canada has done it to everyone else?
The match itself was ok, but nothing really special since it was short. But hey, CTU cheated the win from Petey after he’s done it so many times, and that’s cool with me not just cause I’m a puroresu fan. Minoru distracted Petey and the referee and Hirooki Goto sneaks in and hits Petey with a low blow leading to Liger hitting the Crash Thunder Buster for the win.
Match Rating: **

NWA World Tag Team Titles: America’s Most Wanted (C) VS AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels
I’m not sure what it was, but something got censored out of this match by ASTRO. I was almost set to give this match an excellent rating up until the lame heel finish. Sure it was innovative to have Gail Kim up in the balcony throw down a nightstick for AMW to use, but I hate the way once great babyface wrestlers have to always cheat to win matches once they turn heel. Just another of those great matches ruined by lame finishes.
Match Rating: ***

A1 VS Raven
Hate to say it, but Raven actually looks FAT.
A1 basically dominates the match from the start thanks to a chair shot, and Raven has barely any offense in the match, but thanks to one opening Raven hits the Raven Effect to win the match.
Match Rating: DUD

Bobby Roode VS Rhino
That’s right TNA, job Rhino to BOBBY ROODE in one hell of a crapfest match on PPV where a former NWA WORLD CHAMPION gets almost ZERO offense in the match against BOBBY ROODE. The return of ECW doesn’t sound like such a bad idea now, does it?
Match Rating: DUD

The James Gang VS Team 3D
I guess Team 3D aren’t gonna be tag team champions any time soon considering they went from chasing the belts to chasing Team Canada who cost them the belts and now they seem to be totally out of the hunt altogether feuding with the James Gang.
The match was ok, but nothing outstanding in my book even if they did re-enact an old scene nobody even remembers.
Match Rating: *1/2

World X-Cup Gauntlett
No.1 – Minoru (Japan)
No.2 – Puma (Mexico)
Minoru dominates early thanks to a water spray attack. Puma mounts a comeback, but Minoru takes him down with a quick kick combo followed by a wicked fisherman’s buster. Minoru tries for a pin, but they don’t count until 2 men are left in the match
No. 3 – Petey Williams (Canada)
Petey works with Minoru for a bit before taking him down and dominating both Puma & Minoru for a bit.
No. 4 – Chris Sabin (USA)
Sabin attacks everyone and hits a corner splash on Minoru followed by a springboard moonsault on both Puma & Petey.
No. 5 – Hirooki Goto (Japan)
Goto immediately helps Minoru and takes down Petey & Sabin.
No. 6 – Incognito (Mexico)
Incognito goes after Williams and sends him to the outside following with a wicked suicide dive through the ropes.
No. 7 – Johnny Devine (Canada)
Devine goes after Incognito and hits a big corner stomp and corner knee smash.
No. 8 – Sonjay Dutt (USA)
Sonjay takes out both Team Japan members with a big plancha. He takes out Puma, and then Petey with a little help from Sabin. He then hits a wicked reverse hurrincanrana on Devine.
No. 9 – Black Tiger (Japan)
BT hits a victory roll on Petey and rolls through into an ankle lock, but Devine makes the save. Puma & Incognito try to double suplex Dutt out of the ring, but he counters it into double DDT.
No. 10 – Magno (Mexico)
The ring is full of wrestlers now that it’s hard to follow.
No. 11 – Eric Young (Canada)
Big pop for Eric Young. Sonjay Dutt hurricanranas Incognito out of the ring and both men are eliminated. Sonjay seems to have injured his ankle and has to be carried out by trainers.
No. 12 – Alex Shelley (USA)
Shelley argues with Sabin, causing Devine to hit a big clothesline on Sabin to eliminate him. Shelley immediately throws out Devine to eliminate him.
No. 13 – Jushin Thunder Liger (Japan)
Liger hits and big backbreaker on Magno and goes up top, but Magno cuts him off and superplexes him back in the ring.
No. 14 – Shocker (Mexico)
Magno gets eliminated by Team Japan as Shocker hits the ring. Shocker counters a hurricanrana into a powerbomb, and Tiger is eliminated not long after.
No. 15 – Tyson Dukes (Canada)
Shelley eliminates Goto with a superkick off the apron.
No. 16 – Jay Lethal (USA)
Lethal goes after Minoru and eventually eliminates him with an enzuguiri on the apron.
Shelley eats a big kick from Shocker, but Shocker gets eliminated by Shelley.
Liger unloads chops on Dukes & Young. He tries to throw Young over the top, but Dukes shoves him out of the ring from behind. Team Japan is out.
Lethal quickly tosses out Young, and Shelley throws out Devine.
Shelley misses a corner charge on Petey and goes over the top to get eliminated.
Jay Lethal almost gets eliminated, but gets caught by a big kick from Puma which eliminates him. Team USA is out.
Puma hits a brainbuster on Petey, but Petey comes back with the Canadian Destroyer to win the match!
The match was ok, but the ending sprint went by just too fast.
Team Canada & Team USA are now tied with 5-points each.
Match Rating: ***

Kevin Nash comes out and Jacknifes Puma before ranting on about how bigger is better.

Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner VS Sting & Samoa Joe
I had a lot of negative thoughts going into this one, but thank God they seemed to finally do something right tonight with the booking of this match. Joe was treated the right way here, as he looked like the future of the company the way they let him go toe-to-toe with both Jarrett & Steiner and was definitely made to look equal to his seniors in the match.
And of course everyone else in the match was also working on all cylinders to deliver an overall excellent match. I didn’t even mind the end when Joe walked out after the match and left Sting to get pummeled cause hey, he did his job.
Match Rating: ****

NWA World Title - Full Metal Mayhem Match: Christian Cage (C) VS Abyss
Basically this is was one on one TLC match. Funny how Christian Cage goes from being squashed by super-heavyweights to now have pretty good gimmick matches with them for world titles. This was a pretty good back and forth brawl, with the highlight coming at the end when James Mitchell got Rock Bottomed onto a thumbtacks before Christian splashed Abyss through a table from the top of the ladder and reclaiming his NWA title for the win.
Match Rating: ***1/2

Overall: Much like WWE Backlash, the two main events saved the PPV, but I seriously feel like I didn’t get my money’s worth for this one. It almost makes me want to question if I should even order the next PPV if they plan to continue running pointless matches on PPV and screwjob endings no matter how they try to innovate it.



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