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Monday, June 13, 2005

ECW One Night Stand

Show starts off in classic ECW fashion with Joey Styles coming out to welcome the crowd. Crowd goes nuts for him, and you can see he’s touched by the reaction. Styles introduces MICK FOLEY as his broadcast partner for the night!
We then get the classic ECW intro featuring the wrestlers that will be taking part on the show.

The PPV kicks off with LANCE STORM and DAWN MARIE coming out for the opening match. Classic clips of the IMPACT PLAYERS are shown. Lance hasn’t changed a bit, but Dawn sure does look different compared to before. LIONHEART CHRIS JERICHO is out next, decked out in his old gear to go with it.

Lance Storm with Dawn Marie VS Chris Jericho
Some great mat work to start off the match, Jericho gets a big “Lionheart” chant. This match right here was Lance Storm’s best match in his ENTIRE WWE tenure. He showed right here why he was one of the best WRESTLERS in ECW and even WCW for that matter. Jericho even brought the old Lionheart offense, including a Tiger Suplex! Great match to kick off the show, and the Fans didn’t care that JUSTIN CREDIBLE and JASON came out and helped Storm win the match!

Pitbull Gary Wolfe cuts a promo followed by a video tribute to the late past ECW stars Rocco Rock, Terry Gordy, Mike “Crash Holly” Lockwood, The original Shiek, Mike Lozansky, Pitbull Anthony Durante, Big Dick Dudley and Chris Candido

TAJIRI is out next, accompanied by SINISTER MINISTER and MIKEY WHIPWRECK. LITTLE GUIDO is out next accompanied by TRACY SMOTHERS, BIG GUIDO, TONY MAMALUKE and JT SMITH, the original FBI!!! And finally, THE INSANE LUCHADOR, SUPER CRAZY!!!

Three Way Dance: Tajiri VS Little Guido VS Super Crazy
The opening of this was all Super Crazy! He took it to men, then took out the entire FBI with an insane moonsault off the balcony! Back in the ring, The FBI got involved again, but it led to Guido’s elimination when Mikey gave him the Whippersnapper off the top giving Tajiri the chance to pin him. Tajiri & Crazy continue a great showing till Crazy misses his timing on a spot, which the fans don’t forgive, leading to Crazy getting the win with a moonsault.

Highlights of some of ECW’s greatest moments are shown.

Extreme Luchadore Match: Psicosis VS Rey Mysterio Jr.
Psicosis unmasks when he gets in the ring! The fans really got on Psicosis’ back when he worked a more mat based attack as apposed to his usual high flying, speedy offence, but he won them back when he hit a top rope guillotine to the outside on Mysterio who was draped across the railing! Psicosis missed a shoulder tackle into the corner and went all the way out into the audience, leading to Rey Rey hitting a big senton out into the audience on him! Back in the ring, Rey hits the 619, which gets booed by the audience before hitting the West Coast Pop for the win.

Smackdown’s anti-ECW contingent comes out to a huge chorus of boos and curse words. The fans go as far as to chant “F*ck you, Smackdown”!

Roadkill does the Rob Van Dam thumb pose and just as Danny Doring comes in to cut a promo, they cut back to the Smackdown guys taking their seats?!? Styles did a good job covering that slip up.

More highlights of past ECW great moments, including Steve Austin doing what looks like an Eric Bischoff or Vinnie Mack impersonation! We also see Jerry Lawler with RVD & Sabu invading ECW, and the infamous spot where Benoit broke Sabu’s neck and Tommy Dreamer scoring his first win over Raven and Taz beating Shane Douglas in under 5-minutes for the World Title.

JOEL GERTNER comes out and enters the Smackdown seating area, but before he can finish his classic intro bit, he goes shoved and ejected by JBL and Kurt Angle, which scores major heat from the audience. Angle runs down the crowd and ECW while a slue of swear words come his way.
And kudos to JBL for blaming the fans for bad attendance when we all know it’s the over priced tickets that’s the cause for that. JBL continues, but gets interrupted by ROB VAN DAM and BILL ALPHONZO! RVD’s leg is still in a heavy brace and he’s limping.
Then RHINO comes out and GORES RVD! He attacks RVD’s bad leg till the LIGHTS GO OUT, and when it comes on, SABU IS IN THE RING! We have our next match!

Rhino VS Sabu
THIS WAS A FRIGGIN’ INCREDIBLE MATCH! Nothing has been more classic ECW so far other than this one! This was vintage Sabu from the get go, and RVD getting involved was just what the fans wanted to see! The ending spot was also one of the sickest I’ve seen in awhile as Sabu gave Rhino the Arabian Face Buster through the table! Match of the night so far!!!

AL SNOW WITH HEAD!!! Snow cuts a promo on Head supposedly inviting the Smackdown guys to the show!?! They then show more classic ECW clips, including a lot of classic Taz!

Now we see Eric Bischoff and the RAW anti-ECW contingent come out. When we see Edge, Styles says he’s luckily he didn’t bring his wife cause Edge is a wife snatcher!

CHRIS BENOIT is out next, followed by his opponent, EVIL EDDIE GUERRERO. This is WWE’s Eddie, not the ECW version.

Chris Benoit VS Eddie Guerrero
Styles & Foley note this is the first time Benoit & Guerrero meet in an ECW ring. The fans totally get on Edge’s case during this match, which was as excellent an offering as you could ask from these two, even if Eddie was in WWE mode. Interesting enough, Benoit won the match clean with the Crippler Crossface.

Joel Gertner is back, and it turns out he’s trying to get a job from Bischoff! Bischoff rejects his offer and bad mouths him and ECW.

MIKE AWESOME comes out next, and he cut his hair too! And his opponent, and eternal FMW rival, MASATO TANAKA!

Mike Awesome VS Masato Tanaka
Styles bad mouths Awesome for dropping the ECW title to go to WCW. Classic stuff from these two, including an Awesome-bomb off the apron through a table on Tanaka! Tanaka survives an Awesome splash and another Awesome-bomb to take three SICK chairshots straight to the head! What follows are some INCREDIBLE spots truly reminiscent of their ECW/FMW feud, ending with a sick Awesome-bomb through a table out to the floor followed by a splash for Awesome to pin Tanaka out on the floor for the win. MATCH OF THE NIGHT so far! And the crowd acknowledged it with a “This Match is Awesome” chant! You've NEVER seen Awesome do some of the things he did here during his WWE run, and hopefully now the WWE brass see what they were missing with him.

Paul Heyman comes out next and is very moved by the ovation he gets, including a “Thank You, Paul” chant. Heyman gives some quick thank yous to the audience, as well as Todd Gordon and some of ECW’s most loyal fans who have front row seats. He then goes on to “shoot” on Bischoff, Edge and JBL. Good stuff!

THE DUDLEY BOYZ are out next! Wearing the old Dudley jerseys! TOMMY DREAMER is out next. And finally, THE SANDMAN! Say what you want about the Undertaker’s entrance, but the SANDMAN hands down has the BEST INTRO IN PRO WRESTLING!!! He’s put on a few pounds, but Sandman still has his intro down to a tee, and unlike Steve Austin, this man brings his own beer with him! And he isn’t afraid to share with the audience either! He and Tommy even share a drink with Chris Chetti, CW Anderson and Elektra who are sitting in the front row!

The Dudley Boyz VS Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman
Just as the match is about to get under way, out comes the BLUE WORLD ORDER! BIG STEVIE COOL, HOLLYWOOD NOVA AND THE BLUE GUY! Damn, Meanie gained back all the weight he lost!
Stevie does a classic BWO promo, then gives Sandman a Stevie-kick! The BWO and the Dudleys then beat down Dreamer! Kid Kash runs in but gets easily disposed! Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney come out and clean house! They give Nova a double chair shot, and the Dudleys take down and they all brawl to the outside, where Kid Kash recovers and uses referee John Finnegan as a springboard to dive out on all of them!

The match finally starts up and Bubba Ray rakes Tommy Dreamer’s head with a cheese-grater!!! The Dudleys hit the reverse 3D on Dreamer and Sandman brings in a ladder and they take out the Dudley’s with it. Dreamer now grates Bubba! Sandman drop toe-holds D-Von on a trash can! Bubba crotches Dreamer out on the guardrail, while Sandman hits a senton bomb on D-Von under a ladder! Bubba levels Sandman with a SICK chairshot! Bubba splashes Sandman on a ladder. D-Von tries to hit Sandman with the Singapore cane, but misses and hits Bubba! Sandman hits the White Russian Legsweep on D-Von. Dreamer and Sandman lock on double figure fours, but the Impact Players run in with barb-wire! Justin gives Sandman That’s Incredible on the barb wire! FRANCINE runs in and gives Tommy a low blow! BEAULAH runs in and takes down Francine before helping to take out the Impact Players! She hugs a bloody Dreamer and the happy couple give the Dudleys stereo DDTs! The Dudleys regain control giving Dreamer 3D and Sandman a powerbomb through a table! They set up another table and LITTLE SPIKE DUDLEY comes in with lighter fluid and they set a table on FIRE before POWERBOMBING DREAMER THROUGH IT FOR THE WIN!!!!

Spike orders his brothers to grab Beulah, which they do, but Sandman saves the day whacking them with the Singapore Cane. Sandman then calls for a BEER, and OUT COME STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN! AUSTIN calls out the whole ECW roster for one big beer bash! Austin says before the beer bash starts, he wants to see a fight, and invites the WWE guys down!
The WWE guys eventually hit the ring, and WAR MACHINE hits on the loudspeakers and out comes TAZ!!!! HE gets in the ring and the FIGHT IS ON! TAZMISSION ON ANGLE! The WWE guys are seriously outnumbered! The ECW guys totally clear the ring of the WWE guys. Austin then asks Foley to bring Bischoff down to the ring, which he obliges! Bischoff gets brought in and Austin orders the Dudleys to give him 3D! He then tells Benoit to give him a Diving Headbutt and Rey Mysterio to give him a 619! Austin then asks Bischoff for some comments, and Bisch blurts out something that gets censored, leading to Austin giving him a Stunner! The Beer Bash begins as The Dudley Boyz carry Bisch out and drop him on the back of a production truck.
And the show ends with the ECW crew celebrating in the ring, and the final image of Steve Austin next to the Sandman with both their arms raised!

Overall: I had really low expectations going into this PPV, but by the end of it, it was far exceeded anything I was expecting! A lot of nostalgia and fun in this show, as well as a few surprises. I’ll go as far as to say this is the best PPV of the year so far! A TON of great matches, and the promo segments didn’t distract from the show either. ECW fans will definitely want to see this! As well as those who may have never seen it before!


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