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Saturday, June 11, 2005

NOAH 6/10 Results

NOAH ran it's fun little Korakuen Hall show yesterday with some entertaining results!

Tsuyoshi Kikuchi is now BALD!!! After what must have been a half an hour of incredible action, the babyface team lost to the baldie rudo team when GHC Jr. Champion Kanemaru pinned Suzuki with a roll up! I'm not really sure if they had actually picked a captain earlier on, but they decided on who would get their head shaved by a good old game of Jan-Ken-Pan (Rock, Paper, Scissors), and Kikuchi came up on the short end of the stick! Will be interesting to see where things go from here. Heel turn for Kikuchi anyone???

There was also a fun twist in the second match as Jun Izumuda brought out joshi legend, and creator of the Death Valley Driver if I'm not mistaken, Mima Shimoda!!!He then announced he would propose to her if he won and did just that after the match, but didn't quite get the answer he was hoping for!

NOAH "Come Together", 6/10/05 (NTV)
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
2,100 Fans - Super No Vacancy

1. Royal Rumble: Takeshi Morishima beat Kishin Kawabata (17:10) with a backdrop. Order of elimination: Tamon Honda & Takuma Sano, Masao Inoue, Mohammed Yone, Kishin Kawabata.
2. Takeshi Rikio & Jun Izumida beat Jun Akiyama & Go Shiosaki (15:36) when Izumida used the Meteorite on Shiosaki.
3. Captain's Fall Hair Match: Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Takashi Sugiura, SUWA & Makoto Hashi beat Naomichi Marufuji, KENTA, Tsuyoshi Kikuchi & Kotaro Suzuki (30:10) when Kanemaru used a cradle on Suzuki.



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