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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

WWE Judgment Day results

WWE Tag Team Titles: MNM VS Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas
Melina has probably the best Diva ring entrance I’ve seen in a while. Really shows off her “flexability”.
My first look at MNM and they definitely have a good look and work well together, despite the obvious size disadvantage they have compared to most. This is a team that could definitely help the dying tag division in WWE.
It surprises me how Holly still gets a big pop whenever he comes out and Charlie Haas is definitely a very underated talent. He showed some great offence here like a huge dive out of the ring like Shelton Benjamin does, and he actually pulled off a proper Exploder suplex. It was a good match overall and hopefully MNM will improve even more over time.
Match Rating: *1/2

Carlito with Matt Morgan VS The Big Show

So he just goes by the name Carlito now? Ok.
Big Show had his way with the little guy throughout the match save for a few spots where Morgan got involved. Seeing Morgan pick up Show at the end and giving him a F5 was impressive though. I guess it’s now on to the Morgan/Big Show feud.
Match Rating: *

WWE Cruiserweight Title: Paul London VS Chavo Guerrero

I find it ironic Michael Cole says the Cruiserweight Division is what Smackdown is all about, when they mostly use the cruiserweights as fodder for the bigger guys and the only big exposure they get is on Velocity these days.
Match of the night to this point, and what do you expect when you consider the two men in the match? Felt like a throwaway though considering that the feud they were building before Chavo injured himself seemed to be forgotten. London almost kills himself when he does a flip off the top rope and barely hits Chavo, but lands smack-dap on his back on the floor. I’m sure taking big bumps like that helped get him noticed, but I don’t think it’s worth it if it cuts his career short down the line.
Match Rating: **1/2

Kurt Angle VS Booker T

A good match, but it really should have been more of a fight considering the animosity the two had between each other. Good to see Book has his working mode on and did really well here. He even brought out the old Book End which scored a near fall, and the modified cradle his used to counter the Angle Slam to win the match was pretty good too.
Match Rating: **1/2

Post Match, Sharmell comes out and cheers her husband’s victory. An enraged Angle attacks Booker and gives him an Angle Slam. He then grabs Sharmell and tries to handcuff her to the ropes, but Booker recovers in time to make the save and handcuff Angle to the ropes! Book then pounds on a helpless Olympic Hero before Sharmell gets in a few shots of her own followed by a big low blow before the happy couple leaves.
It almost looked as if they were going for a Sharmell heel turn, but they wouldn’t do that so soon after Lita turned on Kane now would they? Would they???

US Championship: Orlando Jordan VS Heidenreich
A good example of how bizarre the wrestling world is when a someone like Heidenreich goes from being green and boring to becoming a big fan favorite! The crowd actually dug his “I need a friend” gimmick, though the obviously planted fan in the audience he picked was really annoying. I also found it funny the way Heidenreich goes “Pow! Pow!” when he throws punches! Definitely not the best match you’ll ever see, and the finish was a little lame, but they were definitely working their hardest and I think Heidenreich could definitely improve given time.
Match Rating: *

Eddie Guerrero VS Rey Mysterio
What can I say other than these two put on the best damn match from the Smackdown brand I’ve seen in a long time. This was easily tons better than their WrestleMania match and the two did a really good job of telling the story of the feud in the ring. Eddie was just excellent in his evil heel role here and Mysterio showed that he is indeed more than just a spot wrestler when given the chance like he was here.
Even the DQ finish didn’t spoil things all that much as it added to Guerrero’s character of a psychotic heel who knew that if he couldn’t beat the guy, he should at least beat him till he can’t get up!
Best match of the PPV so far, and easily a Smackdown brand Match of the Year so far.
Match Rating: ****

WWE Championship “I QUIT” Match: John Cena VS John Bradshaw Leyfield
John Cena is definitely an early contender for blade job of the year right here, wearing the bloody crimson mask that JBL usually does to make his matches more interesting.
They both hit their finishers, but of course that’s not gonna help them in an “I Quit” match. But when they brawled into the entranceway, JBL got tossed head first into a big TV and I catch him doing a blade job!
This was a very bloody brawl overall, and I’m really surprised at the way they decided to end it with JBL actually saying “I Quit” at the end of it to avoid taking a beating, which he still received anyway after the match when Cena smashed him through a glass backdrop. Will be interesting to see how they follow up JBL's character now.
Match Rating: ***

Overall: This was a good show capped off by very good main events. You will definitely want to check out the Mysterio/Guerrero match, and it’ll be interesting to see how they continue that storyline, same goes for Kurt Angle and JBL. Not the best PPV of the year, but certainly not the worst either despite the horrible buildup. But the WWE can’t bank on a reputation of good matches despite bad build to sell PPVs forever.


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