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Sunday, September 12, 2004

WWE Unforgiven PPV Predictions

WWE's next big PPV is once again being built with only one or two matches given a proper buildup depending on how you look at it. And since no other matches have been added to the current six, I'm expecting some of the matches to go long, like they've been doing recently on their PPVs.

Triple H VS Randy Orton - World Heavyweight Championship
- This will be the twenty-plus minute main event of the show. I don't really expect much other than the usual strike, submission, big finish formula that goes around in WWE main events. Orton retains here, loses the title to HHH at Survivor Series, wins the Royal Rumble, and wins the title back again at WretleMania XXI. That's your long term booking for ya.

Christian VS Chris Jericho - Intercontinental Title Ladder Match
- I know this will be a good match, but I don't like the idea of putting Christian in a dangerous match just as he's returning from a BACK INJURY. The cage would definately have been a safer match for Christian since there's no fear of taking constant big falls off ladders, or getting smacked by one. Will Edge play a part in the finish? Possibilly. Will Jericho win? No. Cause WWE loves making him look like an ass-clown that talks big but can't win the "big one", and they love having the face chase the heels for titles.

Rhyno & Tajiri VS La Resistance - World Tag Team Titles
- The time for Rhyno & Tajiri to be tag champions in NOW! They've been building this up for TWO MONTHS and they BETTER DELIVER THE BIG PAYOFF! There's no reason for them not to give Rhyno & Tajiri the belts after all this time if they can throw Dupree & Suzuki together and give them the SmackDown tag titles on their first shot!

Victoria VS Trish Stratus - Women's Title
- They didn't really bother to hype this filler match, so expect Trish to retain in under five minutes (possibilly including intro time). Trish will probably hold on to the strap until Lita "can wrestle again" and drop it to her.

Kane VS Shawn Michaels
- Another match I expect to go longer than it should. Michaels wins with the help from Lita. How obvious is that gonna be? This will also be the usual Michaels big blade job match where he bleeds a gusher.

Ric Flair & Batista VS William Regal & Chris Benoit
- Why are Benoit & Regal teaming up again? This could easilly have been split into two singles matches match. Heck, I'd pay to see Flair & Regal one-on-one! Each team has a "weak-link", and I expect the face team to win to show that Benoit is still "for real".


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