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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

WWE Summer Slam PPV Results

Show kicks off with a great opening video.

The Dudley Boys (Bubba Ray, D-Von and Spike) VS Rey Mysterio, Paul London & Billy Kidman
I was right calling this the opener. And it was just awesome! Great closing sequence of the match saw Kidman & Mysterio use a Hart Attack on Spike, Kidman then slingshots Spike into position for Rey to hit the 619 which knocks Spike into position for Kidman to hit the Shooting Star Press! D-Von breaks the cover however, and takes out London & Mysterio. The Dudleys then hit 3D and Spike pins for the win.
Match Rating: ***

Matt Hardy VS Kane – Till Death Do Us Part Match
Lita comes out and is wearing an outfit that shows some signs of pregnancy. Ugh. Surprisingly, Matt DOMINATED this match and only lost when Kane countered a top rope Twist of Fate attempt into a super chokeslam off the top! Kane gets marry Lita who runs off in disgust.
Match Rating: *** (Good match, lousy angle)

Randy Orton gets interviewed backstage and gets interrupted by John Cena who goes on to diss him.

Booker T VS John Cena – US Title Best of 5 Series, Match 1
This was a very good back and forth, faced pace match! Unfortunately, this match was SHORT. Booker had control, but Cena hits the FU out of nowhere to steal the win!
Match Rating: ***

Batista VS Chris Jericho VS Edge – Intercontinental Title

Interesting that the hometown Toronto crowd was booing Edge! Great paced match with all three putting on a great showing, well maybe not Batista, but he did what he could. Edge hits the spear on Jericho to retain the match, which the crowd BOOS!
Match Rating: ***1/4

Kurt Angle with Luther Reigns VS Eddie Guerrero

This is it! The big money match! Funny the fans were chanting for Angle! This match delivered big time! Mostly mat based, with Angle targeting Eddie’s ankle, even undoing Eddie’s boot so he couldn’t cheat like back at WrestleMania! The traded Angle Slams at one point. Eddie hits the Frog Splash, but Angle kicks out! Angle locks on the ankle lock, and locks down with a grapevine, forcing Eddie to tap out! Awesome match!
Match Rating: ****1/4

Triple H VS Eugene

And Eugene comes out to almost no pop and some boos! HHH fakes a knee injury and blindsides Eugene as the fans chant Eugene Sucks! Eugene comes back and scores a Rock Bottom! He goes for the People’s Elbow, and HHH gets up and hits a spine buster! More brawling till HHH tries a Pedigree, but Eugene catches his boot, and give H the finger which finally gets the fans to cheer for him as he follows with a Stone Cold Stunner! Ric Flair makes his way to the ring as Eugene hits a big boot and a leg drop ala Hulk Hogan, but just gets a two count. Eugene hits a Pedigree but Triple H gets a foot on the ropes! Flair tugs Eugene’s leg right in front of the referee who ejects him from ringside! William Regal comes out as Flair makes his exit and clocks him with the Power of the Punch! Eugene cheers Regal but HHH gets up and Pedigrees him to win the match! Entertaining match with the big surprise of the Toronto fans booing Eugene. And didn't Triple H say he wanted to DESTROY Eugene? He looked more like HE was lucky to get out in one piece.
Match Rating: ***1/2

Diva Dodgeball
This SUCKED big time. The Diva Search team was even short a member with no explanation. Big time DUD as predicted. When we could have had a tag team title match, we instead get this crap that hardly lasted a minute! Oh yeah, the WWE Divas LOST 5-1!
DUD! DUD! DUD! DUD! DUD! DUD! DUD! (7 Duds for the number of contestants left)

The Undertaker VS John Bradshaw Leyfield – WWE Championship
Undertaker adds the Complete Shot (Flatliner) to his arsenal. Weird, WWE championship match in progress and the live crowd does the WAVE! This was more of a brawl, though Taker did a triangle arm-bar and rolling knee bar. Fans didn’t seem to care much though. They even chanted “Spanish table” hoping someone gets put through the announce table! This was actually a pretty fun brawl though. JBL hit 2 Clotheslines From Hell, and the Taker did the overused Last Ride out of the corner bit, but JBL kicked out! Orlando Jordan tries to hammer Taker with the title belt, but Taker grabs the belt away and smacks JBL, causing the DQ. Post match, Taker slams JBL onto his limo parked on the isle-way, shattering the windshield! He then chokeslams JBL THROUGH THE ROOF OF THE LIMO! Obviously, the roof was fake. Looked like canvas to me.
Match Rating: ***

JBL gets carried out by medics as we go to a replay of JBL getting chokeslammed again, Michael Cole says “listen to this…” as the clip plays and we hear…NOTHING. Not even a reaction from the crowd!

Randy Orton VS Chris Benoit – World Heavyweight Title
So all the suicide dives Benoit had been doing in the past few weeks was to build a really cool spot where he misses Orton here and rockets his face into the barricade? Just as I predicted, Benoit dominated the closing moments of the match, then Orton hits ONE RKO to win the match CLEAN! Randy didn’t even sell any pain from the Crossface. Benoit is distraught, but returns to the ring and demands Orton be a man and shake his hand, which Orton reluctantly does. Looks like Orton is turning face and will feud with HHH next.
Match Rating: ***1/2

Overall: This was just an OK PPV. Nothing really outstanding, except that the fans brought the WWE into some reality: They want Jericho on top so badly that they'd boo their own hometown boy Edge, Eugene is a joke, No one could care less for the Undertaker/JBL match and the Dodgeball was a complete waste of time.


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