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Monday, August 23, 2004

Random Thoughts

Mr. Muga in All Japan
Osamu Nishimura is currently touring with All Japan Pro Wrestling, building up to his big Triple Crown title match with Toshiaki Kawada on 9/3/2004. Nishimura beat a fellow old-school wrestler in Masanobu Fuchi today in a match that should be pretty good. Nishimura promised to bring "Darkside Muga" to his match against Kawada. Should be a fun match that's for sure.

Akira Taue and Low Ki on the hunt
Akira Taue is building momentum to his big GHC Heavyweight title match against Kenta Kobashi on 9/10/04. He's even developed a new finisher in hopes of dethroning Kobashi. If you remember in my "Who Will Beat Kobash?" article a few weeks back, Taue was one of my picks to beat Kobashi, and I wouldn't be surprised if it happened.
Also scheduled for the big tour closer, Low-Ki, currently touring with NOAH for the first time, will challenge Yoshinobu Kanemaru for the GHC Junior title. Low Ki is no stranger to holding Japanese championships as he's a former (and longest running) Junior champion in Zero-One and a former NWA Jr IC tag champions with Brian "Spanky" Kendrick. Nothing's been announced yet, but it would be really cool if they had a tag match pitting Taue & Low Ki VS Kanemaru & Kobashi to headline the show before the big title defences?
Another big match for the 9/10 show is Minoru Suzuki's return to NOAH, as he faces Junior ace Naomichi Marufuji. My question is WHY? I don't see the point of sacrificing one of their best workers to an outsider like Suzuki. They should have picked someone who could better match Suzuki's style, like maybe KENTA or Masaji Aoyagi.

SUWA out of Dragon's Gate
Just as I was getting into TORYUMON/Dragon's Gate, one of their top guys leaves the company! Former UDG champion SUWA has appearantly severed ties with Dragon's Gate for as of yet disclosed reasons. I'll get more on this later when I find out.

Hashimoto finally getting his shoulder fixed
ZERO-ONE ace Shinya Hashimoto will finally be getting long overdue surgery to his badly beaten shoulder on 8/31 when he flies to Birmingham, Alabama. Where famed surgeon Dr. James Andrews will fix him up. Hopefully, the rest of the ZERO-ONE crew take this opportunity to show Hashimoto that the company can survive without him at every show and every main event.

Predictions for RAW
Tomorrow's wedding of Lita & Kane is said to involve alot of pyrotechnics (fire). I can see it now. Kane will come out in his wrestling gear (but have on a bow tie). Lita comes out dressed in all black, with a black veil, and when it's time to kiss the bride, Kane get Sweet Chin Music as "Lita" unveils to reveal the returning Shawn Michaels.
We'll also most probably see the return of Eugene since he'll be safely back on American soil where the Canadian boos can't reach.
And of course, HHH explains why he and Evolution turned their backs on Randy Orton, which we all already know why. HE' THE GAME. HE'S THE THAT DAMN GOOD. THE TITLE ONLY BELONGS TO HIM. In short, he's gonna kill Orton's heat by hot shotting the angle.

How's this for an Olympic moment?
NJPW trainer "Animal" Hamaguchi's daughter, Kyoko Hamaguchi, lost her Olympic wrestling match to Chinese rival Wang Xu in controversial manner when Wang Xu was awarded points for a move Hamaguchi originally initiated. It led to Wang Xu scoring the upset win and advancing to the gold-medal round, whereas Hamaguchi is stuck competing for bronze. "Animal" was so pissed off he had to be restrained by police from entering the arena!

He hates NJPW that much?
Zach Arnold of PuroresuPower.com has been getting alot of heat lately from the internet for his blaming New Japan's "Strong Style" for Takayama's current injury, and many others currently going around. Hell, for some reason he seems to be blind to the fact that accidents like what happened to Takayama just happen. He and Kensuke Sasaki had a very physical match, cause that's the style the wrestle, and what the fans expect to see when these two juggernauts collide. If that weren't bad enough, he took one last cheap shot at a company he used to idolize by making a sarcastic remark that the low traffic his site has been getting this past month (his lowest since February) was due to the lack of drawing power of the NJPW G-1 Climax.
All I gots to say is that he better get his head out of his ass. If his site's traffic is low, it's most probably cause he's doing a bad job. The name of the site is PURORESU power, yet 80% of what he reports is dominated by MMA news. Even a majority of his guests on his radio show are MMA guys. I might just have to write up a whole article on the guy myself, like my buddy, TenzanTeam2K, who inducted him into his Wrestling Hall of Shame.


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