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Sunday, August 15, 2004

WWE Summer Slam Predictions

WWE runs it's joint RAW-SmackDown! brand PPV tomorrow. From the get go, my expectations for the show aren't really that high when you consider how they've built up the show. I could be wrong though, as they've actually been able to have good matches despite some horrible build-up. The problem with that though, is that no matter how good the match is it, it doesn't matter if they can't draw people's attention to want to pay to watch it. Anybody out there seriously paying for the PPV just to watch "Diva Dodgeball"? Didn't think so. On to my predictions!

WWE RAW matches
Chris Benoit VS Randy Orton - World Heavyweight Title
- This SHOULD be good. I just hope we don't get 'Super Orton', like his match with Mick Foley where Orton took insane amounts of punishment, but needed to just hit ONE RKO for the win. There's also the question of whether they'll give Orton the ball to run with like they did for Brock Lesner last year. Orton may be making big waves, but it still pales in comparison to the larger than life persona Brock presented as a believeble monster. Orton would come off more as an old school sneaky heel that always cheats to win (ala HHH). So will Benoit retain? Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to go with Orton winning the title.

Edge VS Chris Jericho VS Batista - Intercontinental Title
- This should also be fun with three different styles clashing in one match. WWE have been putting on some good three-ways, and Edge & Jericho should be able to hide Batista's weaknesses. And since the main story here is between Edge & Y2J, with Batista still holding a grudge against Jericho, I predict Edge retains pinning Batista, to continue a singles feud with Y2J after.

Triple H VS Eugene
- Eugene wins by DQ when HHH brings out the ol' sledgehammer and shoves the referee. This of course builds to a bigger gimmicked match.

Matt Hardy VS Kane - Till Death Do Us Part Match - Winner gets to marry Lita
- For those of you who didn't know, Matt Hardy's article on WWE.com about him needing to take 6-8 months for knee surgery was pulled off just one day after it was posted! Guess that means Hardy is losing this one.

WWE SmackDown! matches
John 'Bradshaw' Leyfield VS The Undertaker - WWE Heavyweight Championship
- Don't expect this to be pretty. But I am betting on JBL to retain after interference from Orlando Jordan. Expect a cheap finish that leads to somekind of gimmick match (Hell in the Cell?!?).

Booker T VS John Cena - U.S. Championship Best of Five Series: Match One
- Booker wins the first match of the series. No way do I expect this to be as good as the best of seven series with Booker & Benoit in WCW.

Eddie Guerrero VS Kurt Angle
- This could definately be the show stealer, and one of the few matches I have anticipation and high hopes for. Though I could possibilly understand if Angle doesn't go all out to protect himself from aggravating his neck. Expect Angle to win to tie the matches between them and lead to a tie breaker at the next PPV.

Rey Mysterio, Paul London & Billy Kidman VS The Dudley Boys (Bubba Ray, D-Von & Spike)
- Another match I have high hopes for. Paul London finally gets on PPV! This should be good, but I don't expect the match to go over ten mintes. The pros and cons being that the face team (London & Kidman actually) need a PPV win to legitimize their position, but the Dudleys also need the win to keep their heel heat going. I predict the face team win in the match that will kick off the show.


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