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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

WWE RAW thoughts

I haven't written anything about WWE in awhile cause I thought they were doing pretty good these few weeks. But last night's show sucked big time!
There were only two passable matches on the show, but those couldn't save it from a heck of a lot of logic errors. Most notebly was the shafting of having a tag team title match in favour of "Diva Dodgeball" at Summer Slam! What? It's not bad enough they waste TV with those untalented models, now we're gonna PAY to see it whether we like to or not? Jeez. This is just dumb.
Last week Rhyno & Tajiri dominated and won a non-title match against reigning champions La Resistance. So to prove they are "worthy" of a title match, they had to beat two no-name jobbers in under two minutes, and suddenly they can't even do that? And how STUPID is the referee? He KNEW the stipulation of the match was that Rhyno & Tajiri had to win the match in two minutes, yet he allowed himself to be distracted by La Resistance, all the while he could see the timer on the huge Titantron behind them, and finally decide to turn around and make a count when there was only 3 SECONDS left on the clock?!? Maybe they should have just saved us alot of hassle and just have the tag title match on HEAT. WOuld have been better than the crap they spewed in this angle.
And did all the other Diva's suddenly forget they HATE Trish Stratus? Victoria went psycho cause of her, Jazz has been gunning for her pretty face forever, she clocked out Nidia with a cast a few weeks back to screw her out of a title match, and every other Diva has SOME reason to hate her. All the sudden she gets the idea to have a Diva Dodgeball match and Molly forgets Victoria shaved her head? Victoria forgets Gail Kim has been stretching her with painful submissions a few months back? Nidia forgets about Trish knocking her lights out? WHAT GIVES? If they were going to gang up to beat up the Diva Search contestants, that would be OK, but instead their gonna work together? Unless it ends with someone beating up Trish, this will be an even bigger waste of time than it already is.
And what about WWE's rule that when an angle is going on backstage or something, the camera's supposedly not there? Or that no one actually watches the monitors backstage to know whats really going on until it happens? The rule sure didn't apply to HHH last night. How did he know Eugene snuck out? He MUST have seen it on a monitor somewhere! And couldn't they charge HHH with assault and battery for what he did to William Regal in a public place like that hotel room? And anybody notice Eugene only got a small pop from the crowd when he came back to save Benoit at the end of the show?
This was definately the worse RAW I've seen in recent weeks, and the ratings show it as it dropped to an almost two year low. Why? I'm guessing when the crappy stuff like the Diva Search contest comes on, people like me change the channel. Or in my case, I was watching the 2003 New Japan G-1 Climax on my PC and left RAW on with no volume.
And in case you guys are wondering why I didn't say anything about the Kane-Lita-Hardy angle, It's cause I've lost enough IQ points from all the other crap on the show. This is the 2nd year in a row that Summer Slam is a week away, and I have almost ZERO anticipation for it.

Gone, but who really cares?
In the past two weeks, WWE have released Rikishi, Ryan Sakoda and have "parted ways" with Sable. They stretched the Rikishi fat-ass gimmick as long as they could until they ran outof ideas. Does anyone even remember who Sakoda is? Sakoda was said to have been released due to health problems.
Sable may have been the biggest money maker of the three, as she's consistantly out-classed the other SmackDown Divas. Guess the void on SmackDown will be filled by whoever wins the RAW Diva Search!


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