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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

DSE/Zero-One HUSTLE-4 Results

I know I'm a bit late reporting this show since it happened two days ago, but I thought better late then never.

1. Leonardo Spanky & Kaz Hayashi beat Sonjay Dutt & Josh "The Elvis" Daniels in 10:59 when Spanky used the King of The World on Daniels.

2. Masato Tanaka won a Hardcore Battle Royal in 15:13 beating Steve Corino last with a guitar shot. Order of elimination was Flying Vampire #16 by Tanaka, Tomohiro Ishii eliminated by Kintaro Kanemura, Kanemura eliminated by Steve Corino, Tomoaki Honma eliminated by Corino and Tanaka eliminated Corino.

3. Hustle Kamen beat Super Crazy in 12:29 with a hurricanrana pin

4. Monsieur De Barbarosa & Mark Coleman beat Ryouji Sai & Katsuhisa Fujii in 10:18, Coleman used a modified Northern Lights Bomb for the win.

5. Psycho The Death & Giant Silva beat Toshiaki Kawada & Hirotaka Yokoi in 12:41 when Psycho pinned Yokoi with a small package. Kawada totally shocked everyone here as all the sudden he showed some personality! He even claimed he's willing to change his name to HUSTLE-K when competing in HUSTLE events!

6. Shinya "Hustle King" Hashimoto beat Daio Gama with a triangle choke in 10:24.

7. Wataru Sakata beat Kevin Randleman in 8:27 with a double foot stomp.

8. Naoya Ogawa & Riki Choshu beat Ann Joe (Yoji Anjoh) & Dan "The Buffalo" Bobish in 11:23 when Choshu used a Riki Lariat on Ann Joe.

Just looking at the results tell me this wasn't such a good show compared the HUSTLE-3. Even Takayama who was hyped to be in a match didn't appear. I can commend them on the weirdness of their gimmicks though. Wonder what they'll think up for Choshu? HUSTLE-5 will be held on 9/20 at the Yokohama Arena again.

Credit: Puroresu Power for the results


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