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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Takayama out of the G-1

It's been announced that Yoshihiro Takayama is out of the New Japan G-1 Climax due to his injuries suffered over the past month and all his remaining matches in the tournament will be forfeited. Takayama was diagnosed with "cerebral thrombosis", which is blood clotting in the blood cells. A botched Northern Lights Bomb by Takuma Sano on NOAH's 8/1 show was where Takayama's troubles began, add to Nakanishi's new devastating Hercules Cutter finisher (Desribed as a spinning toruture rack neck breaker) and a brutally stiff match with Kensuke Sasaki during the first 2 days of the G-1 contributed to making his condition worse. Hope he gets well soon.



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