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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Spoilling The Illusion and other wrestling thoughts

Sorry if I'm a bit late on this one since I've been a bit busy.

Spoilling The Illusion
RAW - Since their motto now is 'Escape the Rules', Is that really an excuse for all the fodder they gave us this week? Maybe they should change it to 'Forget About Logic'.
- Mark Henry taps out in record time to Benoit's Crippler Crossface. I'm pretty sure it takes a little longer for your neurons to register the pain to your brain. Next thing you know were getting reports the Mark Henry's shoulder is dislocated! Come on, Henry is suppose to be the strongest man in the world!
- Stacy Kiebler again coming out and hinting at the possible dual Playboy shoot with Ms. Jackie. But if you go to WWE.com, She says in an interview she has no intention and would never pose nude. Guess since they think the Internet is the lowest demographic, probably no one would care enough to notice...
- Bischoff cancels a Women's title match just to have Kane destroy WWE's Diva of the Year? Since Bisch went ahead with Kane vs Trish, doesn't it mean that Jericho should still get his Survivor Series favour? Wait a minute, that would be logic.
- Why the heck did Goldberg just walk out of his match with Kane when the Undertaker's special effects started? Was he afraid of choking on all the smoke?
- Why did it take two weeks before HBK finally got around to cleaning HHH's blood off his boots? Was he thinking that he should only clean his boots since he was working a live TV match instead of a house-show?

- Again, Brock Lesnar is suppose to be a MONSTER, yet he was running from Hardcore Holly, and now he's backing down from Eddie Guerrero?
- After all the teasing on Raw with Stacy and Ms. Jacky, SmackDown suddenly come out and announce that Sable and Torrie will be in Playboy and even gave a magazine cover as further proof. They have no excuse if they still continue to push Stacy & Jacky Playboy tease on RAW.

Yes, I even found something from TNA that could possibly insult our intelligence more than what Vince McMahon has come up with this past week, A 'If you lose, you get fired' clause in the wrestler's contract! This has to be the most rediculous wrestling angle I've heard of possibly since Kathy Vick! Shouldn't Sonny Siaki have been fired a LONG time ago?!? And what kind of idiot would sign a contract like that? Oh wait, it's Sonny "Rock Wannabe" Siaki we're talking about.
And why would the entire board of directors resign because Eric Watts lost one match? And wouldn't an entire board of directors be able to out weigh any decision Don Callis makes on hiw own? Do they really fear that ONE lawyer backing Callis so much?!?

Other News and Thoughts of the week
Nakamura officially vacates IWGP title

Supernova Shinsuke Nakamura has officially vacated the IWGP World Heavyweight Title, meaning the up-coming IWGP Title tournament will indeed be to crown a new champion, with Nakamura being first in line for a title shot later when he fully recovers.

Zack Gowen released by WWE
Why doesn't this suprise me? You had to know there was only so much they could do with him and only so many wrestler's willing to tarnish their credibility by losing to a one-legged KID. I thought he would at least make it to WrestleManiaXX and have a match with Hulk Hogan as revenge for walking out on him in the middle of the angle that was to help put him over. It was rumoured to expect at least four releases this month. The question is, who's next?

All Japan PPV lookin' good
All Japan's final Nippon Budokan show (Possibly ever) on 2/22/04 looks promising so far on paper:
Ganichiro Tenryu Vs Masanobu Fuchi - Battle of the old-bastards!
Satoshi Kojima Vs Taiyo Kea - Possible show-stealer!
Keiji Mutoh & Bob Sapp Vs D-Lo Brown & Jamal - To set up Sapp Vs Jamal later down the line
Toshiaki Kawada Vs Shinya Hashimoto - Triple Crown - Honestly tell me this match doesn't interest you?
All they need to do now is add a Jr. title match and finally have someone beat KaShin!!!



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