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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Some thoughts and news from the past week

Only these three are annoying?
Go to amiannoying.com and check out their top one hundred most annoying people of 2003 list to see 3 current WWE stars on the list. Suprisingly, Triple H is the lowest at no.80, Goldberg is next (no pun intended) at no.47 and the highest ranked is Sable at no.19! I don't understand the voting process, but I'm pretty sure more people would find HHH's antics more annoying than watching the hot Sable strut her stuff. And shouldn't Vince McMahon be on this list somewhere?!?

Eddie Guerrero going to No Way Out
Eddie Guerrero won a 15-man mini Rumble on Smackdown to win a world title shot against Brock Lesner at No Way Out. At the same time the teasing of Angle's heel turn continues. Like many, I predict Goldberg screws Lesner at No Way Out, then we get Brock Vs Goldberg and Eddie VS Angle for the WWE Title at WrestleManiaXX.

Now it's a 8-man tournament
The New Japan Pro Wrestling IWGP provisional world champion tournament is now a 8-man tournament as after all his whinning, Hiroshi Tanahashi is officially in the tournament with an 8th man to be named later. Rumoured to be either Shinya Makabe, who won a recent New Japan Heavyweight Royal Rumble, or Kensuke Sasaki. I hope Tanahashi gets his ass eliminated in the opening round....

Other wrestling stuff
- Nidia finally turned on Jamie Noble this week on Smackdown as she revealed she has her vision back. An angle many thought would happen at the Royal Rumble. Rey Mysterio and Noble were also given more time to work their match on FREE TV as oppose to the three minutes they were given on PAY PER VIEW.
- Despite what went on during RAW, its said that Torrie Wilson & Sable will be in Playboy again and not Stacy Keibler and Ms. Jacky. Ok.....
- TNA put on what was said to be their worst main event ever when Don Callis beat Eric Watts in a totally over-booked and over hyped match. Four guys from Mexico's AAA promotion were on the show (Participants in the Americas X-Cup tournament) and no mention was even made of that! And Terry Funk is coming in next week. Big whoop.
- Matt Morgan took a stiff clothesline from Hardcore Holly at a house show and is now on the injured list. Nice going Holly.

Spoiling the Illusion...
This is something I'm gonna try and do weekly. I got the idea from Vince McMahon (gasp!) when he told his wrestlers to stop talking to the internet during the pre-show meetings cause it 'ruins the illusion'. So I'm going to try and point out the dumb mistakes WWE makes on its weekly TV shows that 'spoil the illusion' of pro-wrestling realism for me.
1 - On RAW, HHH and HBK confront each other in the ring. Both in street gear. Than Austin comes out, also in his street gear and brings out Chris Benoit, decked out in FULL WRESTLING GEAR, and we are to believe NO ONE KNEW HE WAS THERE?!?
2 - At the Royal Rumble, during Kane's rampage, the lights go out and we hear the Undertaker's bell toll. This distracts Kane and he gets eliminated. Then on Raw, After Kane disposses of the Dudley Boys, the lights go out again and not only do we get the Undertaker's bell toll, we get a titantron video that obviously has 'Taker's trademark. Then on Smackdown, Josh Matthews asks Vince if HE THINKS it's the Undertaker coming after Kane? And McMahon CAN'T GIVE A DEFINATE ANSWER? If this isn't a hint of spoiling the illusion, it shows both McMahon and Matthews are TOTAL IDIOTS.

That's it for now. Let me know what you think of spoiling the illusion and feel free to let me know anything on the shows that spoils the illusion for you.

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