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Monday, January 26, 2004


Dudley Boys VS Flair & Batista (World Tag Team Title Tables Match)
To win only one man must be put through a table. Cool spot when Bubba slid a table all the way accross the ring hitting Batista in the ribs. The Dudleys hold the advantage till Coach runs in and Batista takes out both Dudleys before putting D-Von through the table with a spinebuster.
Winners: And Still World Tag Team Champions, Evolution

Backstage and John Cena gets his rap interupted by Rob Van Dam. Fun stuff. Cena has new Word Life knuckle rings.

Rey Mysterio VS Jamie Noble with Nidia (Cruiserweight Title Match)
A fast pace match as expected. Nidia accidently trips Noble as she crosses the ring leading to Mysterio hitting the 619 followed by a guillotine leg drop to retain his title. This match was over way too fast.
Winner: And Still Cruiserweight Champion, Rey Mysterio

Two matches in under fifteen minutes so far. And that includes the show opening sequence and wrestler introductions!

Chavo Guerrero Jr with Chavo Guerrero Sr VS Eddie Guerrero
Good recap of the whole angle leading up to this one. Nicely worked matched. Eddie wins when he counters Chavo's attempt at his triple rolling suplex with 3 of his own followed by the frog splash for the win. Post match, Eddie low blows his brother Chavo Sr and continues to beat and bloody up Chavo Jr as a helpless Chavo Sr looks on tied to the ropes by his necktie. This one dissapointingly was over way too soon, under ten minutes I believe.
Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Backstage and Chris Benoit gets his interview interupted by a celebrating team Evolution where Flair berates the Wolverine for being the best technical wrestler in the business, but always falling short of winning the big one. Tazz agrees and this sets the stage for the predicted Benoit jump to RAW.

Hardcore Holly VS Brock Lesner (WWE Title Match)
Good recap package with a sick image of Holly getting dropped on his head by Brock a year ago. OK match but nothing special. Brock hits a belly to belly and a fisherman's buster while trying to wear down Holly for most of the match with submission holds. Holly comes back hits his Alabama Slam and locks on his Full Nelson. Brock manages to escape and hit the F5 for the win. This was over quickly as predicted.
Winner: And Still WWE Champion, Brock Lesner

Four matches in under an hour. The main event better deliver...

Shawn Michaels VS Triple H (World Title Last Man Standing Match)
Again a good recap package highlighting the history of the two from their D-X times to present day. Crowd boos a spot where both men trade punches ontop of the announce table only for HHH to get knocked off and not through a table. Big spot where Michaels misses a springboard cross-body out of the ring and crashes through the Spanish announce table to get busted open. Back in the ring HHH gets frustrated as a bloody Michaels keeps getting up and asking for more punishment. This promps HHH to whack him on the back with a chair but Miachels still gets up! HBK counters a Pedigree on the chair into a slingshot into the corner followed by a sick chairshot to the head, busting HHH open. HBK rallies back but HHH counters Sweet Chin Music with a low blow. Several near counts and HHH hits the Pedigree! HBK gets up at 8 and hits Sweet Chin Music but himself is down as the ref counts ten! We have a double KO as the fans boo the decision!
Flair and Batista come out to help stretcher HHH out of the ring, but HBK refuses to be stretchered out. Shows he should be the winner.
Winner: Double KO when both men couldn't answer the 10 count. Title stays with Triple H.

Again they take the cheap way out for HHH to retain the title while making HBK look credible. Next Up: THE ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH!
Jim Ross and Tazz call the action. Good idea!
Before the Rumble starts Eric Bischoff comes out and badmouths Smackdown GM Paul Heyman, prompting Paul E. to come out and start brawling with Bisch. As expected Austin shows his bald head and stuns both GMs. That's five minutes they could have given more to Eddie & Chavo instead of this cheap pop getter.
While the ring crew clean up the beer in the ring, we go to an interview with Goldberg that gets interupted by Brock Lesner. Seeds being planted for WrestleManiaXX....

30-Man Royal Rumble Match
Probably one of the greatest Royal Rumble matches of all time! Highlights:
- A record number of German Suplexes thrown throughout the match!
- Bradshaw comes in on a rampage delivering Clotheslines From Hell on everyone till Benoit counters one to a Crossface and eliminates him
- Tajiri Mists Mark Henry and locks on the Tarantula, Rhyno Gores Henry and knocks Tajiri out
- Rhyno tries to Gore Kane but runs right into a big boot.
- Kane comes in on a rampage, than the buzzer goes off, the lights go off and the Undertaker's gong goes off! Kane is in shock and gets eliminated by Booker, It's then revealed that Spike Dudley pulled a fast one on Kane! But he pays the price as Kane chokeslams him on the rampway and could not continue.
- Ernest 'The Cat' Miller makes his WWE PPV debut only to dance like an idiot and get eliminated by Orton.
- Test scheduled to come in at no.21, but doesn't show. Cut to the back and he's been taken out as Austin orders the guy off camera that did it to replace him in the Rumble. It turns out to be none other than MICK FOLEY! He immediately goes after a shocked Randy Orton and predictably eliminates himself and Orton with his pattented Cactus Clothesline out of the ring. The 2 continue to brawl out of the arena.
- Nunzio makes his entrance as Foley & Orton brawl on the rampway and walks right into a Mr. Socko Mandible Claw! Nunzio sits at ringside acting inconspicous till John Cena throws him in.
- Goldberg goes to town on everyone in the ring and sets to Jackhammer Big Show when suddenly Brock Lesner runs in and F5s him! Goldberg yells, "Your Next!" as he staggers to his feet and gets eliminated by Angle from behind.
- Jericho, RVD, Cena and Benoit all hit their trademarks on Big Show and together with Angle all 5 of them still could get the big lug out!
- Cena seemed to twist his ankle when Show tossed him out, same for Hurricane when Morgan tossed him out.
- Jericho gets Big Show in the Walls of Jericho and Show taps! But he still manages to eliminate Jericho after Angle breaks the hold by Chokeslamming him right out of the ring!
- Angle counters a Chokeslam and locks on the Ankle Lock! Big Show taps! Just when it looks like Show is gonna climb out of the ring for a lame looking elimination, he uses his legs to launch Angle out of the ring!
- Chris Benoit counters a Chokeslam into a Crossface and Show Taps AGAIN! Show counters it into a sidewalk slam, but Benoit survives all odds as he counters a gorilla press into a front face choke (which I know what it feels like cause he locked it on me 2 years ago!) and manages to pull Show over the top and eliminate him and win the big one!!!

Below is the sequence of entry followed by who eliminated them and the sequence of elimination. (*- Eliminated in under a minute)
1. Chris Benoit
2. Randy Orton - Foley - 18/19
3. Mark Henry - Benoit - 3
4. Tajiri - Rhyno/Henry - 2
5. Bradshaw - Benoit - 1*
6. Rhyno - Benoit - 8
7. Matt Hardy - Dupree - 9
8. Scott Steiner - Booker T - 5
9. Matt Morgan - Benoit - 11
10. The Hurricane - Morgan - 4*
11. Booker T - Orton - 13
12. Kane - Booker - 6
13. Spike Dudley - Unable to continue after assault by Kane - 7
14. Rikishi - Orton - 12
15. Rene Dupree - Rikishi - 10*
16. A-Train - Benoit - 14
17. Sheldon Benjamin - Orton - 15*
18. Ernest 'The Cat' Miller - Orton - 16*
19. Kurt Angle - Big Show - 28
20. Rico - Orton - 17*
21. MICK FOLEY!!!! - Self - 18/19*
22. Christian - Jericho - 20
23. Nunzio - Goldberg - 23
24. Big Show - Benoit - 29
25. Chris Jericho - Big Show - 27
26. Charlie Haas - Goldberg - 21
27. Billy Gunn - Goldberg - 22
28. John Cena - Big Show - 25
29. Rob Van Dam - Big Show - 26
30. Goldberg - Angle - 24

How about that? I'm 5 for 6 in my predictions! I just loved the Rumble match this year. The first four matches on the card unfortunately weren't anything special that they couldn't have given away for free on TV. The double KO in the World Title match came out of nowhere. Even I expected the match to go longer and the fans were not happy with the decision. Expect another rematch on RAW in the coming weeks. I think this was the longest the Rumble has ever gone after no.30 entered. I was sure they were saving Big Show for Goldberg to eliminate and Orton would make it to the final two. I was also sure Big Show would fall out of the ring when Benpoit hit the Swan Dive Headbutt while he was hanging on the ropes but instead fell in the ring! And how smart is Spike Dudley? For that matter, how bout the smarts Big Show demonstrated when he eliminated Angle? I just wished guys like Bradshaw and Hurricane weren't eliminated in under a minute. I hope Helms and Cena didn't injure themselves when they were eliminated as they seem to land pretty hard on their ankles. Also, They did a good job of booking it so that the big names of both brands came in as little contact with each other as possible.

That's it for what must be the longest article I've ever posted so far. Hope you all enjoyed the Rumble as much I did.



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