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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Rambling bout RAW

It sounds weird watching WWE Monday Night RAW on a Tuesday night, but that's ASTRO for ya.

Three stand out moments on RAW:
1. Those hilarious Randy Orton promos that were paid for by 'Friends and Supporters of Randy Orton'. And I think I know who one of them are...

2. The very good one-on-one face-to-face interview with HBK & HHH. You can see the intensity between the two and it almost makes the World Title secondary to the feud. With the stakes so high either man could win, though I'm sure many would like to see HBK beat HHH, I don't see it happening unless they plan on HBK dropping the belt back to HHH at Backlash a month before WrestleMania. Maybe a double KO could happen since it's a Last Man Standing match? But then the critics would just bash it as a rehash of the Foley/Rock match years ago. Also a sweet spot where HBK KO'd Jonathan Coachman with a swift superkick to get the point accross it only takes 1 second for something to end the match. Very serious throughout.

3. Solid IC Title match between Randy Orton and Rob Van Dam in the main event. Alot better than their previous PPV match. And a good clean finish for the heel. But was I the only who thought HHH was gonna Pedigree Orton when he came out from nowhere by himself after the match to celebrate with Orton?

Three bad moments:
1. The rather bad ending to the Women's tag match.

2. Matt Hardy's stock falling like a rock since coming to RAW. Obsviously he was brought to RAW with no idea what to do with him after the Lita angle ended.

3. Kane getting DQ'd for whipping Booker T into the steps TWICE! Would they suspend him if he did it a third time? Once again the logic book is thrown out the door.

- Apart from the above, we had the usual skits with Austin abusing his authority and accusing Matt Hardy of IMPERSONATING a wrestler. Take a look in the mirror Baldy, at least he still CAN wrestle!
- Suprisingly there was no Hurricane & Rosey this week, Bischoff was also kept to a minimum, unlike Austin.
- Is Theodore Long himself forgetting to 'Back the Mack' since we haven't seen him in weeks?
- And it must have really hurt when Jericho pulled out some of Mark Henry's dreadlocks when he bulldogged him.
- The build-up to the Royal Rumble Match itself so far still seems pretty week.

As of this week the card for the Royal Rumble is as follows:
HHH vs HBK - Last Man Standing World Title Match
Brock Lesner vs Hardcore Holly - WWE Title Match
Flair & Batista vs The Dudley Boys - Tag Team Title Tables Match
30-Man Royal Rumble



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