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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Let's hope everyone else is smart enough to follow suite...

Ranting while listening to "The Impossibility Of Reason" CD by Chimaira

The big news in the WWE now is that about a month after Nathan Jones walks out of WWE, Ultimo Dragon starts showing his frustration with the way he's being used, and now Brian 'Spanky' Kendrick has called it quits with WWE. This seems to be a trend with WWE. Bring in a hot talent and hype 'em like crazy, give 'em a less than steller debut with a mini-push to get them off the ground, And then all of a sudden we either never see them again or their regulated to the 'B' shows like HEAT and Velocity.

Don't think so? Where's Sean O'Haire? Like Jones, he was given many short promo vignettes, than all the sudden was paired up with Roddy Piper, like Jones was paired up with the Undertaker. Then Piper gets canned by WWE and O'Haire hasn't been seen since. Except for the APA Invitational Bar Room Brawl where he looked good till ONE moonsault from Shannon Moore takes him out for the rest of the match! Jones on the other hand just never made it on TV, till the Survivor Series when they finally find something for him, but then he's already sick with the business and walks out.

Paul London and Zach Gowen both received national exposure on NWA:TNA and were both quickly picked up by WWE. While Gowen received a novelty push against Vince McMahon and a dull short feud with Matt Hardy, their really isnt much that can be done with him. I'll admit I'm not really a big fan of the wonder kid, but honestly, there's only so much you can do with him. On a personal note, while I was working offshore, I played the Gowen/Hardy match from No Mercy and all my colleagues erupted....with LAUGHTER!!! They couldn't believe they were watching a one legged kid actually hold his own against someone of Hardy's calibour. And they were in tears.....LAUGHING when Gowen won the match!!!

Paul London had future X-Division champion written all over him, and now he's working dark matches and Velocity, where he'd regularly team with Spanky. Like what many wrestling news sites have reported, the dreams these youngsters have of working for WWE is turning into a nightmare.

So now Spanky is going back to work for ZERO-ONE in Japan where he first made a name for himself. But WWE has left the door open for him to come back if he wants, probably meaning when his stock goes up again they'll try to con him into coming back for one short run before burying him again. Right now I'm hoping guys like Ultimo Dragon and Paul London take a cue from Spanky and call it quits with WWE. Because I feel they have a better chance of getting exposure elsewhere instead cause the WWE is stuck using the same guys week in and out, till they run out of ideas. Then they'll switch talent with whoever isn't being used and rerun the whole thing all over again, just with different faces. That's my opinion anyway.



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