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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Kobashi Vs Sapp?!?

So it's now rumoured that the main event for NOAH's first Tokyo Dome show will be Kenta Kobashi Vs Bob Sapp?!? I can't really blame Misawa as it would probably take a big name like Sapp to help sell more tickets in the Dome. But where does that leave Akiyama? Maybe they could change it to Misawa Vs Sapp as the semi main event so that they could go as planned with Kobashi vs Akiyama for the GHC Title. At least if they do go with Sapp in the main event, Kobashi's the right man to put him in with as he can match power with Sapp and could suplex the big man easily provided Sapp is willing to take a few bumps. I don't expect Sapp to bump much anyway as his rumoured fight with Mike Tyson would be about a month later and I'm sure he'd rather not risk getting any injuries before that historic fight if it's confirmed.

I also feel its a shame Shinsuke Nakamura had to hand back the IWGP title due to his injuries. Serves NJPW right for putting him in a shoot fight just days before his big match with Takayama. I do wonder what's the point of having a tournament for a 'temporary champion'? Why not just make it for a new champion, but have Nakamura 1st in line for a title shot when he recovers from his injuries?

Anyway, check out the My Puroresu Collection section as I've put up My entire list of puroresu tapes I currently own. I'll be updating that page as I get more tapes.



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