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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

WWE New Year's Revolution 1/07/2007

Intercontinental Title - Steele Cage Match: Jeff Hardy [C] VS Johnny Nitro
A by the numbers match as expected. Starting off with some mat work, leading to the spot-by-spot off the cage sequence before the climatic finish. There wasn't really much they could do in the cage that hasn't already been done, but they pulled out a great innovative finish where Jeff kicked the door out from under Nitro and the guy got crotched on the cage door, leading to Jeff getting out of the cage for the win. Hey TNA, how's that for a innovative finish without screwing the fans over?
Match Rating: **1/2

Tag Team Turmoil: The Highlanders VS The World's Greatest Tag Team VS "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan & Super Crazy VS Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch VS Cryme Tyme

I wanted Cade & Murdoch to win this one more than the other teams. The two big Texans really work well together and are playing up more of a power game lately. I sort of expected Haas & Benjamin to make it to the end only for Cryme Tyme to steal the win from them, but it was good to see Cryme Tyme more or less earn one this time as they actually got lucky at the end.
Match Rating: **

Kenny Dykstra VS Ric Flair

TV quality match like I predicted. Would have been better if Flair got disqualified for ruffing up Kenny too much instead of the cheap predictable finish.
Match Rating: 1/2*

WWE Women's Championship: Mickie James [C] VS Victoria

Solid but short match. I'm all for a war between the face & heel divas, the problem is Mickie and Victoria can only do so much to carry the work load. I also never like it when someone controls the match and has a heavy advantage, but it only takes ONE move from the other person to knock them down for the 3 count.
Match Rating: **

World Tag Team Titles: D-Generation X VS Rated RKO [C]

DX were doing what they always do, squash anyone in their path. I knew DX would be out for blood in this one, but it still seems that the two best up and coming heels still can't get an advantage on them without cheating in some way. The match was actually ok, but than Triple H pulls his quad muscle doing a spinebuster, a move he's done hundreds of times in the past. From my view it could have been a lot worse since it looked like he had twisted his ankle ala Chris Candido when he did the move, but luckilly it wasn't as bad as that. Things were pretty chaotic from there as everyone worked on the fly to finish the match, but it was really bizarre to see Orton dash into the ring with a chair to try to stop HHH from hitting the Pedigree only for him to come to a complete halt and make a U-turn out of the ring for no reason. Give credit to HHH though for toughing it out and finishing the match as well as the closing spot despite the obvious fact that he was in pain and had difficulty standing.
Match Rating: ***

Carlito VS Chris Masters

The best part about this match was the springboard moonsault Carlito did and the half-nelson suplex (That's what it's called JR ) Masters did. Other than that, TV quality match. Everyone complains about Masters getting the win, but I say he out-cheated Carlito who's been doing it himself for months already.
Match Rating: *

WWE Championship: John Cena [C] VS Umaga

Again, like some critics, I don't agree that this was a bad match. They booked Umaga like a monster against everyone else, and they continued that here. It kept the fans on the edge of their seats cheering and hoping for Cena to make the hot comeback and they erupted when he scored the win, even if it was by a flash cradle. If the predicted re-match for the Royal Rumble is going to be what they say it is, than I think they made the right call here booking Cena as barely able to scrape by the Samoan Bulldozer.
Match Rating: ***

A solid PPV. Nothing really outstanding, but WWE has to really wonder now about all these pointless additional PPVs as if this show never took place and they just built up to the Royal Rumble, HHH probably wouldn't have been injured and now looks like one of their key players is going to miss WrestleMania.

Intercontinental Title - Steele Cage Match: Jeff Hardy [C] beat Johnny Nitro to retain the title when he escaped the cage.
Tag Team Turmoil: Cryme Tyme beat The World's Greatest Tag Team, The Highlanders, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan & Super Crazy, and Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch.
- The World's Greatest Tag Team beat The Highlanders when Benjamin pinned Robbie with a superplex.
- The World's Greatest Tag Team beat "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan & Super Crazy when Haas pinned Crazy with a German suplex-pin.
- Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch beat The World's Greatest Tag Team when Cade pinned Haas with a diving elbow drop.
- Cryme Tyme beat Cade & Murdoch when JTG pinned Cade after a modified neckbreaker.
Kenny Dykstra pinned Ric Flair with an inside cradle.
WWE Women's Championship: Mickie James [C] beat Victoria with a swinging DDT to retain.
World Tag Team Titles: D-Generation X VS Rated RKO went to a No Contest.
Chris Masters pinned Carlito with a roll-up.
WWE Championship: John Cena [C] beat Umaga with a roll-up to retain.

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