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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

TNA Turning Point 12/10/2006

Good God, watching the pre-show, I really hope they DON’T turn Abyss into a babyface, cause the last thing I want to see is Abyss jobbing to Tomko or ANYONE because he goes soft.

Ron “the Truth” Killings & Lance Hoyt beat Serotonin (Kazarian, Maverick Matt & Johnny Devine) when Killings pinned Kazarian with the scissors kick.
Killings & Hoyt make a good team, as long as Hoyt doesn’t dance. And at least Serotonin weren’t squashed this time.
Match Rating: *

Paparazzi Championship Series Elimination Match: Senshi beat Jay Lethal, Alex Shelley, Sonjay Dutt & Austin Starr

- Dutt eliminated Shelley with an Arabian Clutch
- Senshi eliminated Lethal with a dropkick
- Starr eliminated Dutt with the 450’ splash
- Senshi pinned Starr with an inside cradle.
Good time given to this one, and it was good to see Senshi is still being taken seriously in TNA.
Match Rating: ***

Inter-gender Bikini Contest: Eric Young beat Miss Brooks with Robert Roode
Is this really the only way they could get Roode on PPV? And so much for Ms. Brooks willing to take it all off to win. She didn’t even wear anything remotely revealing.
Remember everyone, this is TNA, and TNA IS WRESTLING! Could have fooled me.

How fitting that they follow it up with a Dumb to the Xtreme segment.

X-Division Title: Christopher Daniels [C] beat Chris Sabin with the Best Monsault Ever
Special Referee: Jerry Lynn

Well, this was really weak for a PPV match in my opinion. Sabin losing to the BME? Way to bury the guy after putting on a career performance against Senshi a while back. I guess it doesn’t help that the attention is being focused on Daniels/Lynn now instead of Sabin/Lynn. Once again TNA’s booking ruins the ending to a potentially good match.
Match Rating: **

Pointless in ring segment with baseball players. Crap like this needs to be kept on Impact!
Remember, TNA IS WRESTLING! Last time I heard anyway.

AJ Styles beat Rhino with a schoolboy roll-up.
I didn’t like the way the match started as a fight in the back before making their way to the ring and finally starting the match. Where was the security to break them up there? But the match at least got good once they got it into the ring with a really strong showing from Rhino. Than TNA had to go f*ck up the ending again with Styles faking an injury that even the medic couldn’t catch, and when the referee is about to call the match a no-contest, or award it to Rhino, Styles sneaks in a roll-up and the referee counts it anyway? Like Latisha would say in the segment that follows, ONLY IN TNA.
Match Rating: *1/2

Hi everyone, we’re TNA. And TNA IS WRESTLING. You can tell by just how desperate we are to be noticed by the big leagues, right?

Flag Match: LAX with Konnan beat AMW with Gail Kim
Hernandez = Money. The sooner they put him in a singles match with Joe or Abyss, the better. Fun match, and the screwy ending actually made sense for a change. So now they are finally going to break up AMW? Good is all I can say.
Match Rating: ***1/2

So they have a ton of security to try and stop James Storm from doing an interview, but no one was around to break up the Rhino/Styles brawl earlier? Yeah.
Hey TNA, if you’ve really got a million dollars to burn, why not spend it to properly promote your talent instead of leeching attention from others? How about this, you actually DO get WWE’s attention, than they raid your talent and bury all of them like what they always do. TNA IS WRESTLING, remember?

NWA Heavyweight Title: Abyss [C] with James Mitchell beat Sting & Christian Cage with Tomko when he pinned Sting with the Black Hole Slam.
Nothing outstanding, but at least Abyss pinned Sting to retain the title. Christian didn’t look to bothered about losing though. Again, DO NOT turn Abyss face!
Match Rating: **

The Rematch: Samoa Joe beat Kurt Angle with the Kokina Clutch

I was into this one, and I liked the reversals out of each others submissions they did. This was definitely better than the Genesis match. Than, TNA had to f*ck things up again by having the referee bumped, Angle going for a chair, leading to himself taking the chair in the face, leading to Joe locking on the Kokina Clutch for the tap out. Say what you want. This was NOT a clean victory for Joe, and the winning like this does NOTHING for him.
Match Rating: ***1/2

They really wasted too much time with the in ring segments as well as backstage stuff which they have to throw in between EVERY match on EVERY PPV.



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