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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

TNA Slammiversary 2006

Live from the Impact Zone (Where else?), it's TNA's 4th Anniversary show!

Bingo Hall Brawl: Team 3D beat The James Gang when Brother D-Von pinned Kip James after 3D through a table.
I usually like a good garbage match, but I KNEW this was just so Team 3D could take a stab at the new ECW that they are not a part of. And Brother Ray proved it when he said that’s how it’s done after winning the match. Yeah, it was better than anything on the first ECW TV show on Sci Fi, but can’t hold a candle to the Dreamer/Funk-Edge/Foley match from One Night Stand. Sure they had an entertaining match, but it wasn’t really anything special and has been done a thousand times before.
Match Rating: *

Handicap Match: Rhino beat Bobby Roode & Scott D’Amore when he pinned D’Amore with the Gore.
This went too long and Rhino had too little offense in the match. Maybe they should have let Rhino kick out of D’Amore’s moonsault then Gore both Canadians and pin them both for the win.
Match Rating: 1/2*

X-Division Ranking Match: Senshi beat Shark Boy, Petey Williams, Jay Lethal, Alex Shelley & Sonjay Dutt
- Sonjay Dutt eliminated Shark Boy with a standing shooting star press.
- Jay Lethal eliminated Alex Shelley with a full nelson suplex.
- Petey Williams eliminated Jay Lethal with the Canadian Destroyer.
- Senshi pinned Petey Williams with the Warrior’s Way (diving foot stomp)
- Senshi pinned Sonjay Dutt with a tree of woe Warrior’s Way.
How did I know that as soon as the commentary team mentioned how no one was eliminated yet and how Shark Boy was getting in a lot of offense that he’d be the first one eliminated? Now this was great match and one of the reasons why I watch TNA. Great work by all throughout, and now we get to see Senshi VS Samoa Joe in the near future!
Match Rating: ***1/2

X-Division Challenge: Kevin Nash beat Chris Sabin with the Jacknife powerbomb
Here’s an example of a match where the baby face gets booed since the heel is a more popular figure. For more examples, see any John Cena WWE title match. Nash hobbled around a bit, but did he best to stay active in the match. This was a good David VS Goliath match, and if it pays off with Sabin finally overcoming the odds and beating Nash, than I can stand to watch this program go on a bit as it gives Sabin something to do since he’s representing the X-Division instead of the X-Division champion, or any of the guys who are officially ranked #1 – #6 from the previous match. Eh, so a guy that’s not even in the top 6 of the X-Division is defending it’s name?
Match Rating: *

NWA World Tag Team Titles: AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels beat America’s Most Wanted when Daniels pinned Harris with the Best Moonsault Ever to win the titles.
Taking a page from WWE, TNA really mailed it in that Styles & Daniels were taking the belts tonight since they made numerous mention of AMW’s record title run and how the dream X-team kept coming up short. It was still a great and exciting match though, and definitely gets a nod for Tag Match of the Year.
Match Rating: ****1/2

They played a REALLY good video package highlighting the history of TNA. It’s just too bad they shrunk the screen down to almost half the size for it. Why couldn’t they have used full screen instead?!?

Damn I just realized how much I missed Jim Cornette, and he gave one of the best worked shoot promos ever.

Samoa Joe VS Scott Steiner
Damn did Joe OWN Steiner in the build up video without having to raise his voice and all Steiner could do is take the usual cheap shots at Joe’s physical appearance like a kindergarden kid, where as Joe was actually more convincing for so little that he said.
Now I said before this match would be GOOD, I never said it would be GREAT. Who would have thought it would turn out to be EXCELLENT?!? Seriously, who the heck thought we’d ever use the words Scott Steiner and Match of the Year in the same sentence in 2006?!? Anybody who ever doubted Samoa Joe just needs to take a look right here at this match as it showcases everything that needs to be done to have an entertaining HEAVYWEIGHT singles match! My hat goes off to both men here for putting on a simply AWESOME PPV match that lived up to the hype!
Match Rating: ****1/2

NWA World Title – King of the Mountain Match: Jeff Jarret beat Christian Cage, Sting, Ron Killings and Abyss to win the title.
I said it before and I’ll say it again, TNA seriously need to try and stop topping themselves by coming up with all sorts of inane screw job finishes that ruin the vibe of a good match. Earl Hebner finally screwing someone out of the title and than closing the show on a cliffhanger with Cornette grabbing the belt away from Jarrett? Not the way you want to end big PPV. Another classic example of TNA ruining a good match with a crappy finish, and the fans let them know it with that garbage shower. And even though they were cheering at the end of it when Cornette took the belt from Jarrett, you had to know the fans would have started booing again when they realized the PPV is over and now they have to wait for Impact to get some kind of announcement on the situation.
Match Rating: ***

Overall: A great PPV with 2 EXCELLENT Match of the Year contenders. Definitely recommend checking it out for those two featured bouts alone.



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