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Monday, November 14, 2005

R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero

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In what must be the most shocking loss to the wrestling world this year since Shinya Hashimoto, former WWE champion Eddie Guerrero was found dead in his hotel room yesterday morning. His body was found by his nephew Chavo who went to check on him after not answering his wake-up call. The cause of death is still unknown at this time.
This is a huge and tragic loss to the pro-wrestling world, as Eddie was one of the best talents not just in the WWE, but all over the world having worked almost everywhere from ECW, WCW as well as Japan and Mexico and indy promotions throughout his career.
One of the first Eddie Guerrero matches I remember watching was a WCW World Title match against Ric Flair on Nitro. And who could forget his big world title win off Brock Lesner and the emotional ending to WrestleMania XX when he celebrated with Chris Benoit in the ring at the end of the PPV?
I was shocked when I found out the news this morning, and it's a low down dirty shame Eddie had to be yet ANOTHER talented pro-wrestler to be taken from us way too early in his life.

Rest in Peace, Eddie.
You will be missed.



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