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Monday, September 19, 2005

WWE Unforgiven 2005

[B]WWE Intercontinental Title: Ric Flair VS Carlito[/B]
This was a very mat based contest, which works since I think Carlito sucks and has never shown any actual skill in the ring to my knowledge. You could see all the fans telling Flair not to do it when he went up top, but they went nuts when he actually hit the chop off the top! Flair got an even bigger pop for actually winning the IC title with his trademark Figure Four Leglock! I thought it was an interesting touch after the match that Flair reminded us all that he’s a heel when he said he wished Triple H was there to celebrate with him. Flair grabs four girls from ringside to go party and celebrate with him.
[B]Match Rating: **1/2

Victoria & Torrie Wilson VS Trish Stratus & Ashley Vasaro[/B]
This was surprisingly good. Having Trish back is really good for the Women’s Division as she works well with Victoria. Ashley is still a long way off from being good, as every bit of offence she did was in slow motion to prevent any chance of her fouling up. The great crowd heat added to it too.
[B]Match Rating: **[/B]

We see Ric Flair take the girls into his limo, once all 4 are in, he takes a shot of VIAGRA! He takes a look back into the car and counts four girls, thinks about it, and takes MORE VIAGRA! The Nature Boy is gonna party all night all right!

[B]The Big Show VS Gene Snitzsky[/B]
Say what you want about the in ring ability of these two, but I really enjoyed this match. They worked a really good big man match. The crowd was even active for this one totally backing Big Show. I liked that Snitzsky actually backdrop suplexed Show to show that he’s got some power as well. Big Show of course makes the comeback and surprised everyone doing the big kip-up he hasn’t done in ages and powers through Snitzsky before hitting the chokeslam for the win.
After the match, Big Show gets some revenge on Snitzsky by blasting him twice with the ring bell much like Snitzsky did to him before to start the feud.
[B]Match Rating: **[/B]

We see Ric Flair’s limo and it’s literally smokin’ as we hear Flair inside doing as many “whoos” as he can while celebrating.

[B]Kerwin White VS Shelton Benjamin[/B]
These two had a good mat based match also, with Kerwin targeting Shelton’s leg. It wasn’t really anything special, but it was good to see Shelton pick up the clean win to remind everyone he should be in the main event picture. The ending spot where he jacked Kerwin into the air and then caught him with the T-bone was cool too.
[B]Match Rating: **

Steel Cage Match: Edge VS Matt Hardy
Match Rating: *****!!!!!

World Tag Team Titles: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch VS The Hurricane & Rosey[/B]
Hurricane looked like he got stiffed on that DDT out on the floor. It made the title change anti-climatic, but believable since Hurricane was in no shape to continue and the rookie team capitalized it. Lets hope that like MNM/LOD on Smackdown, we’ll see more matches between these two teams to give some hope to the division.
[B]Match Rating: *

The Masterpiece Chris Masters VS Shawn Michaels[/B]
Not the best of HBK matches ever, but he did the best he could to carry Masters to a good match which was probably the best of Masters’ WWE career. Interesting to note HBK getting to the ropes while the Masterlock was locked on didn’t count as “breaking” the hold. They had some good sequences, especially the ending one where HBK slipped out of a second attempt at the Masterlock and hit Sweet Chin Music to give Masters his first lost.
[B]Match Rating: **1/2

WWE Championship: Kurt Angle VS John Cena[/B]
This was as good as the last time these two faced off on PPV a few years back, which I didn’t find all that good really. It was just average at best and I hated the DQ ending of this one. It would make sense to follow up the angle on RAW with Angle telling Bisch to stay out of his business next time, but of course that’s not going to happen.
[B]Match Rating: **

Overall: [/B]The only true saving grace of this PPV was the steel cage match which tore the house down. WWE seriously need to find more workers that can work that style and use them.



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