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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Spoiling The Illusion: New Year Edition!

OK, RAW for the past two weeks has been very interesting to say the least, as they build towards the New Year Revolution PPV. A good job has been done hyping the matches for the card, though some have been rushed since they decided to stick two PPVs into one month. So here's the gripe I have:

Last week, during the HHH/Shelton Benjamin match, the other participants in the Elimination Chamber match were at ringside watching the action. Suddenly, when it looks like Benjamin was gonna get the big win, Ric Flair interupts and distracts the referee like he always does, for nearly a whole minute, yet, NONE of the guys at ringside decided to do anything about it! Batista I can understand, but he wasn't holding back anyone either. They just stood there and WATCHED. I could probably also understand Randy Orton WANTING HHH in the Chamber, but at least he still should have done something about Flair's interference. Heck, William Regal had the brains to TRY and stop Tyson Tomko from helping Christian against Eugene this week.

AND this week, after weeks of berating America, and even assaulting JR & King last week, this week the Arab-American duo beat the living be-jesus out of WWE's favorite announce team, and NO ONE lifts a finger against them? NO ONE, NADA, ZERO HELP. NO MICK FOLEY, NO SHERRIF AUSTIN, NO MOVIE STAR ROCK OR ANYTHING. And now we're gonna get Jerry Lawler VS Hassan at New Year Revolution. After the beating he took, does anyone seriously belive King even has a chance???
And it's not bad enough Hassan & Daivari bad mouth America, but they gotta take pot shots at their own people too? This is beyond tasteless, and the WWE are asking for some serious trouble (think terrorist attack) if they keep this up.


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