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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

WWE Unforgiven Results

Ric Flair & Batista VS William Regal & Chris Benoit
Your standard WWE tag match. Cool spot saw Batista lift Benoit up while he had Flair locked in the Crossface and gave him a side slam. Regal disposes of Batista out into the audience, and Benoit counters a figure-four attempt into a Crossface for the tap out win.
Match Rating: ***

Christian makes his return, and already they break him up with Trish as she convinces Tyson Tomko to accompany her for her Women’s Title match, instead of Christian later for his match.

Victoria VS Trish Stratus – WWE Women’s Title
Victoria pulled a Britney Spears as she did her strip intro to reveal a skin coloured outfit. NICE! This was a good women’s match, prob the best in some time. End sees Victoria have the advantage, and drop Trish with a big headbutt. Suddenly she dives over the top rope onto Tomko and takes him down! Tomko chases Victoria back into the ring and with Victoria’s attention on Tomko, Trish hits the Stratus-faction for the win.
Match Rating: **1/2

Post match, a still enraged Tomko chokes Victoria and out comes the ‘mystery woman’ to make the save. “She” leaves after the save, and an enraged Tomko calls him out or he’s gonna go back and drag him out.
The Mystery Woman returns and we have a match!

Tyson Tomko VS “The Mystery Woman”
Right off the bat, Tomko decks “her” and rips off her wig and attire to reveal Steven Richards. What follows is a SLOW beat down by Tomko. So slow we get more than our fair share of “boring” chants. Tomko puts the bad mouth on Richards, calling him a sissy. This sparks a fire in Richards who tosses the wig to distract the referee before grabbing Tomko “low”, if you know what I mean! He launches Tomko into the corner by his jewels and starts wailing away on Tomko. Tomko shoves him away several times and Richards drops him with a dropkick. For no reason whatsoever, Richards turns his attention to his torn up bra and Tomko attacks him from behind and drops him with a Hercules Cutter for the win. Richards lost. What was the point of this?!?
Match Rating: 1/2* (near DUD, saved by Richards at the end.)

Chris Jericho VS Christian – Intercontinental Title Ladder Match
There was a serious mis-communication here as Jericho was gonna toss out Christian, but Christian instead dropped like Y2J was supposed to do a drop toe hold. Heh. Jericho targeted Christian’s bad back at first before Y2J took over and they brawled into the audience. Christian nails the Un-prettier on the floor outside. Christian takes the opportunity and almost gets the title before Jericho barely makes the save. Christian rams Y2J into the ladder, then sets it up in the corner. Y2J reverses an Irish whip and Christian goes face first into the ladder! CLB comes back and smacks Y2J into the ladder again. CLB sets up the ladder on the 2nd rope and slingshots Y2J’s face up into it! Christian tries to sandwich Jerico between the corner and the ladder, but Y2J dodges and CLB rams right into the ladder! Y2J sets up and rams the ladder onto Christian’s back as he lay on the mat. Jericho attempts a bulldog, but Christian tosses him into the ladder and Y2J’s leg gets hooked in the rung! Christian then splashes him in the corner in that position! Christian climbs the ladder again, but Jericho fingers him before dropkicking the ladder out from under him! Y2J sandwiches Christian between the ladder and tries to Lionsault the ladder on Christian, but the CLB moves and Y2J jams his knee into the ladder! Christian again almost reaches the belt, and gets his hands on it as Jericho catches him and drops the ladder out from under him! Christian dangles from the ring holding the belt till Y2J tosses the ladder at him causing him to fall almost face first on the mat! Y2J now goes up the ladder and almost gets the belt before Christian tilts the ladder forward trying to drop him head first into the floor, but Jericho rolls off and hits the mat instead. Christian goes for the belt again, but Y2J catches him and locks him in a Walls of Jericho on the ladder! Christian falls off and Y2J goes after the title before Christian knocks the ladder out from under him and Y2J lands awkwardly on the ladder below him! Christian gets a bigger ladder out and Y2J sets up the other ladder and chases up Christian. They battle at the top before they both drive each other off the top crashing to the mat! Y2J gets up first and sets the ladder on top of Christian before climbing up and getting the belt to win an AWESOME match!
Match Rating: ****

Lita get interviewed backstage saying she hopes HBK puts Kane in the hospital. Kane comes out and says he spoke with Bishoff and got their match to be no disqualification!

Coach interviews Y2J who says he feels like crap after the ladder match. Edge appears and tells him to enjoy it while he can cause he’ll be gunning for him when he’s cleared to wrestle again.

Recap of the whole Kane-Lita-HBK buildup. Damn, even this couldn’t make the angle interesting.

Shawn Michaels VS Kane – No Disqualification
This was just tons better than I thought it would be! HBK of course hasn’t loss a step, and was on his A game here, but so was Kane! Really great match with some big spots like Kane suplexing HBK through the Spanish announce table. Ending sees Kane try to use a steel chair, but HBK low blows him and smacks him with the chair! HBK goes for Sweet Chin Music, but Kane delivers a big boot of his own! Kane covers and only gets 2, so he goes to get the chair, but Lita yanks it away! Kane argues with Lita and HBK tries again for Sweet Chin Music but Kane ducks it and tries for the Chokeslam, but HBK slips out and nails Sweet Chin Music followed by a flip-over pin for the win! Great match overall despite some plodding moments in between.
Match Rating: ***1/2

Interview with HHH who says he’s gonna beat Orton for the World Title later. Blah blah blah.

La Resistance VS Rhyno & Tajiri – World Tag Team Titles
This was another pretty good tag match. Ending saw Grenier knock Tajiri off the apron and Rhyno hits the Gore, but Conway places Grenier’s leg on the ropes breaking the count. Rhyno goes after Conway giving Grenier the chance to strike him with the flagpole and get the win to retain the title. Crapper.
Match Rating: ***

Triple H VS Randy Orton – World Heavyweight Championship
Orton starts off by blatantly slapping the Game TWICE, then spits on him again! HHH loses his cool leaving him open to attack from Orton. This was almost a good match until the referee got bumped and all hell breaks loose with interference from Evolution and Coach as a heel referee. Orton fought off Evolution as long as he could before HHH takes him out with a chair, and Pedigrees him on the chair to WIN THE TITLE FOR THE NINTH TIME. Crapper again.
Match Rating: ***

Overall: This was a pretty good PPV, with the ladder match expectedly stealing the show, but HBK/Kane was also a nice surprise as it was very good as well. The main event was looking good up till the horribly over-booked finish. I guess Triple H is thinking he's put enough young talent over for the time being. The whole Steven Richards/Mystery Woman angle was just useless and they could have done it on RAW instead, and right now I predict the rematch to take place on RAW tonight, as well as the Tag Title bout.

With that, my predictions for the show are 3-3-1, bringing the current total to 47-26-6.


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