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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Spoiling The Illusion: RAW Season Premiere Edition

OK, I actually sat through last nights WWE RAW Season Premiere show and thought it was a mixed bag of some good, some bad and some left on the cutting room floor thanks to our censorhip board (The Simon System segment). Needless to say you can probably guess what all the meat in this report will focus on.

This'll put asses in the seats...
- The first match for Taboo Tuesday has been announced and it's Eric Bischoff with a broken foot VS Eugene with a seperated shoulder? Yeah, that's gonna bring 'em coming in droves to attend the event. I might be a little harsh since the rest of the card hasn't been announced yet, but if they really wanted it to be fan controlled, they should have let the fans pick Bischoff's opponent and not bring back Eugene till later. Eugene did a marvelous job selling the bad arm in a sling by bouncing around and clapping his hands like he usually does though. Yes. I'm being sarcastic about that last remark. And it really sounded dumb when JR said the fans were ecstatic at Eugene's return when they only popped big when his music queued up, but was really silent as he made his way to the ring.

She was OK yesterday, but today she's having problems
- So one week after the incident, and Lita is still in the hospital? Add to that, she conviniently starts having problems when a live camera is near by, and on HEAT the previous night she was said to be recovering ok. Once again five simple letters are kicked out the back door: L-O-G-I-C.

The reporter leaves, but the cameraman stays
- How dumb is it when the nurses ask Todd Grisham to leave immediately during an emergency situation, and yet lets the cameraman stay? One minute were made to believe were watching a live report, and the next were watching a sitcom where the camera is invisible? Add to that, no-one tried to stop the cameraman from freely entering Lita's room to film her as she lay helpless on her bed?

Lita lost the baby. Let the disgust flow!
- There is good and bad out of this. The good is that this horrible pregnancy angle is finally over. The bad is that any fan who actually had the misfortune of experiancing a miscarrige is probably more than ticked off at WWE for playing out the horrible scenario that NO ONE buys as real.

All hail Gene Snitsky!
- Who would have thought the honour of ending the Kane/Lita pregnancy angle would go to this total unknown? And wasn't he actually right when he said Lita losing the baby wasn't his fault? Who is to blame then? Lita for getting involved in the match in her "condition"? Kane for hand-picking Snitsky as the opponent and bringing the chair in the ring, or ERIC BISCHOFF for giving Kane a NO QUESTIONS ASKED, NO DISUALIFICATION MATCH AGAINST ANYONE OF HIS CHOOSING???

Legend Killer getting Killed
- WWE sure have yanked the carpet out from under Orton, haven't they? One match he's showing super-human ability surviving a death match with Mick Foley, and now it only takes ONE shot into the corner post to knock him out and be carried off for medical attention? It's almost guaranteed that if the fans are given the choice to pick who Triple H will defend the title against at Taboo Tuesday, it will NOT be Orton, and more probably Chris Benoit or Shelton Benjamin. To which case HHH is also guaranteed to retain the title.

Miscellanious rants
- Molly finally makes a return with her hair grown back and she's jobbing to Stacy Kiebler? I like Stacy, but she's no wrestler! Use her for promotional duties, but keep her out of the ring. And whatever happened to Molly's beef with Trish about being "pure and wholesome" since Trish has been acting more slutty in recent weeks? It would have made more sense to tag Molly with her regular partner, Gail Kim, since Trish already had a spot on the show interupting the Diva Search segment.

- And wasn't that considerate of them to put in a happy moment like the announcement of the Diva Search winner right after announcing Lita miscarriage? Cudos to Christy for winning. She definately deserved her spot, though I wouldn't rule out Carmella coming back in a couple of weeks.

- So Rhyno & Tajiri lost their shot at the tag titles, and that's it? Why can't they be like Evolution and dog the belts till they finally get them? What was the point of Maven scoring an upset win over Grenier? Are they gonna now pair him up with someone (I'm guessing it'll be Chris Nowinski) to chase and win the tag belts to help hype the new Tough Enough show? Hurricane Helms turning heel looks to be interesting, but I hope he doesn't drop the super-hero gimmick.


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