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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Zero-One/DSE HUSTLE-5 Results

The fifth installment of the HUSTLE pay per views was held last night at the Yokohama Arena, and highlighted by a big Hustle Army VS Takada Monster Army seven match series.
Former WWE superstar Rikishi made his debut as "Hustle RIKISHI", teaming as Riki Choshu's mystery partner.

Full results of the show:
- Team Ikeman (Leonardo Spanky & Kaz Hayashi) beat The Flying Vampires #16 & #28 in 9:06 when Spanky used his Sliced Bread No. 2 on #16 for the win.

- The Monster C & Mark Coleman beat Toshiaki Kawada & Hirotaka Yokoi in 6:34 when Monster C used a low blow on Yokoi and Chief-of-Staff Yuji Shimada held down Yokoi's leg while C got the three count.

- Hustle Kamen Red & Hustle Kamen Blue beat The Devil Pierrots #1 & #2 in 10:04 when Red used a Hustle Hurricanrana on Pierrot #1 for the win.

- Giant Silva beat The Great Sasuke in 8:43 seconds with a Giant Press. The lights in the building went out for a few seconds during the match, setting up the entrance of Hakushi.

Hakushi gave Sasuke the powerbomb and Silva did the body press.

- Hardcore Match: Psycho the Death, The Pirahnian Monster Z & Super Crazy beat Kintaro Kanemura, Masato Tanaka & Wataru Sakata in 11:40 when Psycho used a school-boy roll-up on Sakata for the win.

- Riki Choshu & "Hustle RIKISHI" beat O-YA-JI-GA-RI (Yoji Anjoh) & Dan "The Buffalo" Bobish in 9:36 when RIKISHI used a Banzai Drop on Anjoh for the win.

After the match, Rikishi did the "Too Cool" tag dance with the Hustle Kamens.

- Judo O (Naoya Ogawa) beat Russian 54 with the STO Bomber in 5:04.

The Hustle Army won the series 4-3 and ended the show doing the Hustle dance.

Credit: Puroresu Power for the results and Sports Navi for the pictures


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