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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spoiling the Illusion: Return Edition

Not content with having cut the balls off of Chris Jericho a few weeks back, now they had to put Shane McMahon over Legacy this week, as he single handedly fought off all 3 members of the group and Randy Orton was forced to sell some really bad looking punches that mostly just hit air. Most of the RAW roster were on the rampway when all this went down. Wouldn't it have made more sense for them to run down and help Shane, their boss, and run off the group that was threatening to put all of them out of a job? So many things they could have done with this angle and they just had to screw up on the first chance they get.

Heck, I'll even say it's pretty obvious where things will go from here. Shane faces Orton at No Way Out, Orton wins. Orton goes on to his Wrestlemania title shot where he wins the title after Shane HELPS HIM as revenge to spite Stephanie for running him off RAW a few months back, and like Vince did from Vince Sr., now he wants to take over the company and is an honorary member of Legacy since he's a third generation star himself! You heard it here first! I'm calling it!

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