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Monday, April 25, 2005

NOAH Budokan notes

Some additional notes from yesterdays Budokan show, appearantly after his long fought GHC title match with Saito, there were some boos directed at Takeshi Rikio during his interview. Not sure if they were booing him for what he said or the poor quality of the match, but don't forget his opponent was Akitoshi Saito of all people, and Saito sucks in singles matches and should never have been given a second title shot to begin with.
SUWA appealed for a GHC Jr. Tag Title match after losing to KENTA by DQ for referee violence. Sugiura and Kanemaru also did run-ins during the short match, so hopefully something big is in the works to finally get the GHC Jr. Tag Titles off Marufuji & KENTA.
Kawada's appearance and hand-shake scored the biggest pop of the night, and Misawa accepted his challenge for the Tokyo Dome. All that's left is to see whether they decide on a singles match or a tag match. A singles match of course would be the best and better drawing solution.
The most heated match of the night was the Tenryu/Kobashi tag confrontation where the two had a chop battle and bloodied up each other's chests. Something I definately want to check out! I'll definately get this show when it becomes available as I want to see things for myself how it turned out.



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