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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Where the teacher goes...

Following up on the story yesterday of Kawada going freelance in AJPW, the news recently broke that his protege, Taichi Ishikari, will follow in his footsteps and will go freelance as well! Expect to see Ishikari as Kawada's ring second or tag partner wherever Kawada decides to go do business.
And speaking of Kawada's new venture as a freelancer, it now seems that the guy has an interested to work the MMA scene for PRIDE FC! Make no mistake, Kawada is one of the pro-wrestling's toughest workers (legitimately), but so far every wrestler who tried their hand at the MMA thing has failed miserably, save for a few exceptions like Shinsuke Nakamura who's primary training was MMA. I really hope Kawada isn't making a mistake here, but if he can somehow do what many have failed at, then more power to him, as it would also boost his popularity more than it already is!


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