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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Spoiling The Illusion: RAW is Jericho Edition

So last week after telling Orton that the world title match controversy in the battle royal was Orton's problem since he's the GM, why didn't Vince leave it to Jericho this week to settle the controversy since he was the acting GM instead of waiting for Bischoff to return next week? Wouldn't the most logical way to settle it was to have a rematch, like they've done so many times in the past? And wouldn't it all be a big waste of time if Bischoff announces a rematch for the title next week anyway?
Right now I get the feeling that they might hold a mini tournament over the next few weeks with the finals taking place at the Royal Rumble. And it seems likely since it puts Orton back in the world title chase since HHH isn't champion anymore. Either that, or the triple threat rematch will take place at the Royal Rumble.
Speaking of the Royal Rumble, say it with me now, "BATISTA, 2005 ROYAL RUMBLE WINNER!" The way things are going now, I think it looks better to have Batista in the main event against HHH than Randy Orton, since they've been doing an incredible job building up the tension in Evolution. Batista has been using his brains more than the cerebral assasin, and lets not forget that Vince loves the big men. Then again, Orton defending the title against Batista at WrestleMania would also make for a fresh change.
And speaking of Evolution, why is it that the one week they decide to not let Ric Flair have a match on RAW, it just so happens to be a show being held in his home town, where Flair truly is God to the masses? Again, whatever it is Flair is being paid, it sure as hell isn't enough when he has to shill HHH like crazy in front of his home crowd.

Man, is Christy Hemme working off every penny of that $250,000 or what? Was this Creative's plan all along? Find someone that looks good other than the wrestling Divas so they can have them do a cheap kinky T&A stunt every week? Or was it all really what Vince had in mind from the get go? Stacy must really be happy that she has a group to hang out with, and doesn't have to wrestle with them in the ring either.

OK, I'm seriously getting the feeling that WWE has no idea what to do with Shelton Benjamin. The push he is getting now sorta reminds me of Ahmed Johnson. Black dude makes a big impact and given a monster push, but eventually they don't know what to do with him. Benjamin may not be as injury prone as Johnson was, but they seriously need to find something for him to do that he can actively participate in, other than just making IC title defenses every week.
And wouldn't it have been more hilarious if Tyson Tomko came out after Captain Charisma and held back his wanting to laugh all the way down to the ring following Christian? And was I the only one expecting Captain Charisma to actually get into character and pulloff a few Hurricane type mannerisms?

Was that really former ECW star Super Nova in the ring with The Hurricane last night? I'm talking about Simon Dean. His debut was one hell of a dissapointment, especially given who his opponent was. For those of you who didn't know, Nova was one of the most innovative wrestlers in ECW back in the day. And I heard after he bulked up to heavyweight status that he was doing really good in the indy scene and OVW. But last night's match was just one big DUD. I know he uses the gimmick of a Bodydonna, but does he actually have to wrestle like one? Or is it because he's suppose to be a sponsor of the show, and hence, has ZERO wrestling ability like actual sponsors most probably would? And if an actual sponsor wanted to wrestle, you think Vince would allow them???

The last time a Women's Title match main evented RAW, it was Stephanie McMahon defending against Lita. The only reason that match was good was because of the Rock as the special referee. This time, it was Trish Stratus defending against Lita, and it was their pure ability alone that tore the house down this week! Being in Lita's home town really helped alot too, as I guess the crowd heat wouldn't have been that good anywhere else. And was the landing on that suicide dive to floor Lita took SICK or what?


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