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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Spoiling The Illusion

So last night we get a kind of "bait & switch" AND a Dusty Finish both in one show???
You had to have known something screwy was gonna happen when the World Title battle royal kicks off the show. The battle royal itself was pretty good though, but man did the fans hate it when the wrestlers broke up the Batista/Snitzsky confrontation? And how about Steven Richards making the final six after McMahon said he'd be the least credible as champion? I would have liked to have seen him last just a big longer though.
So after over-ruling Orton's decision that the battle royal was for the world title, Vince shrugs off Orton when he asks for his advice by saying, "I'm not the general manager!" Benoit really hit the nail on the head later when he said eventhough they won total control of RAW at Survivor Series that they were still getting shafted every week.

Instead of having Mohammad Hassan come in as a heel with a vendetta against America, couldn't they have made him a face trying to fit in and earn everyone's respect as an athelete and not an Arab-American? That would definately get people talking more then the overused gimmick they are giving him now. It would also be more of a positive since it would help to curb America's fear of Arabs and Muslims instead of adding fuel to the fire of hate that's already there.

I really liked watching Lawler VS Flair, but isn't it dumb the way a guy always suddenly jams his knee or something in a match where their opponent's specialty is a leg finisher?
And whatever Flair is being paid, it sure as hell isn't enough if he has to say that Triple H is HIS MENTOR with a straight face.

Was I the only one thinking Maven was gonna screw Regal & Eugene out of the tag titles, thereby giving them back to La Resistance for the umpteenth time? Damn was I happy to be wrong for once.

I like watching hot women as much as the next guy, but isn't it getting kinda obvious that the WWE now has so many non-wrestling Divas that they don't know what to do with them? And thanks again ASTRO for cutting out the lingerie fashion show last night by the way.

It's also become pretty clear to me now that the reason the face team won at Survivor Series is so that Triple H can make himself look strong again week after week after not having the title for so long. Heck, it won't surprise me one bit if they decide next week to have a triple threat rematch, and HHH wins it there by beating Benoit.


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