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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Nice going SATs!

Above you see the poster/flyer for the upcoming FUSION debut show ran by Joel & Jose Maximo, better know as the SATs in NWA:TNA and the US indy scene. Now what's wrong with that picture???

1. It's YOSHINARI Ogawa & MITSUHARU Misawa!
2. They ALREADY appeared in the US earlier this year!
3. If this truly was their first appearance in the US in over thirty years, they'd have to have been kids when they first appeared all those years ago!

I can forgive that this poster is so cheap it looked like I made it with MS Paint, but those two dumbasses need to get their facts straight. What would you be thinking if you were two of the biggest wrestling names in Japan (Yes, that includes Ogawa) and a promoter can't even get your name right???

Since I originally posted it this morning, The Maximos seemed to have gotten their heads straight and fixed the poster. The one pictured was the original flyer they gave out with their press release. The updated it with colour, but with Misawa & Ogawa's names printed wrong, and now the correct version can be viewed HERE



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